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2013 Archive

Date News Item
16th Dec 13 Silencing signals sent by parasite could aid sleeping sickness fight
9th Dec 13 From Lab Bench to Backbench
9th Dec 13 Gene experts join forces in new generation of DNA research
18th Nov 13 Red deer study backs culling of young alongside their mothers
5th Nov 13 Holograms offer hope in fight against malaria, study suggests
30th Oct 13 Clean living is a luxury wild animals can’t afford, study suggests
29th Oct 13 Time is in the eye of the beholder
22nd Oct 13 Postgraduate Open Day 2013
3rd Sep 13 Alpha males don’t have all the advantages, animal study shows
30th Aug 13 Beetles dish out tough love to curb greedy offspring, study finds
19th Jun 13 Treating infection may have sting in the tail, parasite study shows
25th Apr 13 School of Biological Sciences receives Silver Athena SWAN award
10th Apr 13 Professor Sir Ken Murray
5th Apr 13 Flicking biological switch could hold key to tackling tumours
26th Mar 13 University wins BBSRC Prize to enhance the impact of bioscience research
25th Mar 13 Inbreeding in animals makes them poorer parents, study suggests
22nd Mar 13 Patrick Walsh (IEB) participates in BBC 4 documentary about metamorphosis.
15th Mar 13 Wandering albatrosses give parenting final push before they die
15th Mar 13 Immune finding aids quest for vaccines to beat tropical infections
26th Feb 13 Eating well could spread infections faster, water-flea study shows
10th Feb 13 Greenhouse gases impact on food chains beneath the ocean waves
10th Feb 13 Protein discovery could hold key to understanding immunity