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2012 Archive

Date News Item
30th Nov 12 Edinburgh researchers part of insect pollinators initiative
30th Nov 12 Malaria study suggests drugs should target female parasites
9th Oct 12 Neglected Diseases Research Symposium
9th Oct 12 October 2012 BioPOD podcast - listen now!
4th Oct 12 New discovery offers hope in fight against deadly infection
4th Oct 12 Parasite study suggests need for rethink on malaria treatments
30th Aug 12 Cholesterol study could aid quest for new drug treatments
30th Aug 12 Harsh winters make hibernating squirrels go to ground for longer
7th Aug 12 Immunity study could help keep allergic reactions in check
28th Jun 12 Parasite infection has sting in the tail, immunity study shows
29th May 12 Meerkat survival impacted by inbreeding, study shows
17th May 12 Butterfly DNA solves copycat mystery
14th May 12 Antarctic albatross displays shift in breeding habits
1st May 12 Treatment to benefit African infants at risk of endemic fever
27th Apr 12 April 2012 Bio-POD podcast released
24th Apr 12 Andrew Millar elected as a fellow of the Royal Society
23rd Apr 12 Scientists find Achilles' heel in life-threatening malaria parasites
9th Apr 12 Sexual reproduction brings long-term benefits, study shows
26th Mar 12 Gall wasp study sheds new light on climate change impacts
2nd Mar 12 Flower study aids development of crops for changing climates
22nd Feb 12 Malaria treatment may impact on disease risk for next generation
13th Feb 12 Cell discovery strengthens quest for cancer treatments