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2010 Archive

Date News Item
17th Dec 10 PhD studentships available for 2011
2nd Dec 10 Gene Jury school pupil conference (re-scheduled)
15th Nov 10 Scientists pinpoint key defence against parasite infection
1st Nov 10 Strong immunity comes at cost to fertility, sheep study shows
25th Oct 10 Plant stem cells could be fruitful source of low-cost cancer drug
25th Oct 10 Scientists find genes that help put plants to bed
13th Oct 10 Scientists pinpoint gene linked to drug resistance in malaria
5th Oct 10 Nobel for IVF pioneer
27th Sep 10 Nature's gift for gardening may hold key to biodiversity
23rd Sep 10 Human malaria traced to gorillas
14th Sep 10 Gene discovery holds key to growing crops in cold climates
3rd Sep 10 Scientists unwrap DNA packaging to gain insight into cells
3rd Sep 10 Scientists devise strategy in bid to beat viruses
30th Aug 10 Scientists shed light on plant survival
15th Jun 10 New SULSA PhD studentship
15th Jun 10 Sleeping sickness study offers insight into human cells
14th Jun 10 New PhD Scholarship in Zoology available
26th May 10 Professor Brian Charlesworth awarded Darwin-Wallace Medal by the Linnean Society
25th May 10 Stress, drugs and the evolution of reproductive restraint in malaria parasites
4th May 10 New BBSRC PhD studentship available
12th Apr 10 Adrian Bird awarded Honorary Degree
6th Apr 10 Songbird's gift for mimicry makes big impression on scientists
26th Mar 10 School Success at the EUSA Teaching Awards
22nd Mar 10 'Second secret of life' revealed
26th Feb 10 Study offers new clues in bid to beat girls' autism condition
25th Feb 10 Principal's Career Development PhD Scholarships within SBS
18th Jan 10 Hybridisation is changing the red deer
18th Jan 10 Plants measure shortest day