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2009 Archive

Date News Item
26th Oct 09 Fast-track evolutionary arms race
20th Oct 09 How weather shapes our body clocks
8th Oct 09 Red deer study featured on BBC Autumnwatch
21st Sep 09 Junk DNA may prove invaluable in quest for gene therapies
25th Aug 09 A bug's life is tailor-made for survival
18th Aug 09 Monarch of the Glen slips quickly into old age, study suggests
12th Aug 09 Stress can speed the ageing process, sheep study shows
22nd Jul 09 Cystic fibrosis treatments may have unseen long-term benefits
25th Jun 09 Cell division short-cut may aid quest to treat genetic disorders
10th Jun 09 Scientists pool expertise to tackle big questions in biology
3rd Jun 09 Males leave their twin sisters in the shade
27th May 09 Travel boom may make parasites more harmful
14th May 09 Gene discovery could prevent sleeping sickness from proving fatal
6th May 09 Computer models may join front-line fight against superbugs
28th Apr 09 Discovery strengthens fight against sleeping sickness
9th Apr 09 Discovery opens door to drugs derived from protein
1st Apr 09 Climate change takes its toll on birds' breeding habits
23rd Mar 09 Team approach appears to work best for insect colonies
1st Mar 09 Breakthrough makes lab-produced stem cells safer for humans
6th Feb 09 Parasite study offers hope of sleeping sickness treatment
22nd Jan 09 Cross breeding causes red alert for wild deer
19th Jan 09 Study sheds light on why we have fewer genes than expected