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Professor Loeske Kruuk elected a Fellow of the Royal Society

Professor Loeske Kruuk has been elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society, in recognition of her exceptional contribution to science.

Loeske Kruuk

Loeske is among eighty outstanding researchers, innovators and communicators to be elected as the newest Fellows of the Royal Society – the UK’s national academy of sciences.

Professor Kruuk is a leading evolutionary ecologist and Royal Society Research Professor in the Institute of Ecology and Evolution at the School of Biological Sciences.

Her research integrates the role of genetics with the effects of short-term environmental change on the development and survival of wild animal populations.

This has led to a better understanding of how both evolutionary processes and the impact of current climate change has resulted in change in wild animal populations over time.

Loeske’s research led to the development of current approaches for quantifying the heritability of traits - a measure of the influence of genes on different characteristics - in wild animals.

This work involved statistical models that incorporated complex pedigree information and individual-level field data gained from long-term studies of wild mammal and bird populations.

Her studies have documented the extent to which heritability differs between traits and explored the causes and implications of this variation. 

She also researches the impact of warming temperatures associated with global climate change on animal life histories.


It is a great honour to be elected as Fellow of the Royal Society, and very humbling to join such illustrious company. I am deeply grateful to all the excellent colleagues with whom I’ve had the privilege of working over the years, especially the many outstanding postdocs and PhD students. I am also so pleased to see so many other women being elected this year.

Professor Loeske Kruuk, FRSRoyal Society Research Professor, Institute of Ecology and Evolution, School of Biological Sciences


I am delighted to welcome our newest cohort of Fellows.  These individuals have pushed forward the boundaries of their respective fields and had a beneficial influence on the world beyond. They are pioneering scientists and innovators from around the world who have confounded expectations and transformed our thinking.  This year’s intake have already achieved incredible things, and I have no doubt that they will continue to do so.

Adrian SmithPresident of the Royal Society 


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