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All the news from 2020

New biotech start up for cancer treatment launches

The pioneering work carried out by the UK Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology has led to the creation of an exciting new biotech company.

Caffeine shot delivers wakeup call on antifungal drug resistance

The management of fungal infections in plants and humans could be transformed by a breakthrough in understanding how fungi develop resistance to drugs.

Super-resolution imaging breakthrough in living cells

Edinburgh scientists have developed a new imaging technique that reveals the inner workings of living cells in stunning detail and could pave the way to a better understanding of many diseases.

Sustainable nylon production made possible by bacteria discovery

Nylon manufacture could be revolutionised by the discovery that bacteria can make a key chemical involved in the process, without emitting harmful greenhouse gases.

Food security boost as data gets to root of crop yields problem

The resilience and yields of food crops worldwide could be improved by a new technique that monitors the growth of plant roots, scientists say.

Sperm discovery reveals clue to genetic ‘immortality’

New insights into an elusive process that protects developing sperm cells from damage in growing embryos sheds light on how genetic information passes down, uninterrupted, through generations.