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Start up boosted by funding to build low cost bioreactors

OGI Bio, a university of Edinburgh start-up company, is developing affordable and innovative solutions for automation and analysis of microbial culturing (bacteria, yeast or algae).

Scientists discover safeguard that protects blood’s ‘Fountain of Youth’

Scientists have made a breakthrough discovery of a key protein that supports the production of healthy blood cells throughout life by regulating the body’s inflammatory response.

High-value chemicals from biotech: School scientists awarded almost half a million pounds in UK Government funding

Pioneering researchers in the School of Biological Sciences will benefit from a £477,015 cash boost from the UK government to use cutting edge biotechnology to produce high-value chemicals.

‘Social distancing’ in sheep could cure flock of maedi-visna

A collaboration between scientists in Scotland and The Netherlands has found that a lack of ‘social distancing’ between sheep is almost exclusively responsible for the spread of the virus that causes the chronic viral disease maedi-visna.

School success in the Principal’s Innovation Awards

Two research projects in the School of Biological Sciences have been named as the first winners of the inaugural Principal’s Innovation Awards.

New biotech start up for cancer treatment launches

The pioneering work carried out by the UK Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology has led to the creation of an exciting new biotech company.