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Experts play key role in bid to curb Covid-19

A view of Old College quad
Researchers from across the University are rallying to support global efforts to combat the coronavirus outbreak.

Experts appointed to Covid-19 advisory group

Blue cells under a magnifying glass - © Ilya Lukichev via Getty Images
Four Edinburgh researchers have joined a group providing expert advice to the Scottish Government on its response to Covid-19.

University fast-tracks innovation to battle Covid-19

Edinburgh researchers are joining forces with commercial companies to quickly develop new technologies to help tackle the Covid-19 pandemic.

UK launches £20m whole genome sequence alliance to map spread of coronavirus

A team of academics at the University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian are part of national consortium that will look for breakthroughs that help the UK respond to this and future pandemics, and save lives.

Harnessing nature’s protein glue could aid medicine and industry

A new protein production technique could speed up vaccine development and lead to high-tech synthetic fabrics and materials.

Male-killing bugs hold key to butterflies’ curious colour changes

It is a spectacular butterfly breed with an intriguing back story … now scientists have revealed how male-killing bacteria are helping to create a dazzling hybrid of the African monarch.