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Global Alliance of Biofoundries launched to boost synthetic biology

A new network has been launched to bring together the world’s leading biofoundries to drive forward synthetic biology research.

Immune system discovery could aid quest for stem cell therapies

A discovery of how stem cells are protected from viruses could inform the development of therapies for use in medicine, research suggests.

Blood cancer’s Achilles’ heel opens door for new treatments

New findings about a fatal form of blood cancer could aid the development of new drugs with significantly less harmful side effects than existing chemotherapy.

World Malaria Day 2019: A New Guide to Malaria Pharmacology

On World Malaria Day 2019, a new resource is available for malaria researchers - the Guide to Malaria Pharmacology has been developed in Edinburgh to facilitate identification of new drugs to combat the disease.

On World Malaria Day 2019 - celebrating malaria research at the University of Edinburgh

Here we highlight some of the groundbreaking researchers, based in the School of Biological Sciences, who are tackling malaria.

Diet during development affects mating habits, insect study shows

An animal’s choice of mate can be influenced by its diet as it reaches sexual maturity, research has shown.