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Warmer nights prompt birds to lay eggs earlier

Rising night-time temperatures are causing woodland birds to build nests and lay eggs earlier in springtime, research shows.

Study reveals instructions for healthy cell division

Scientists have revealed how a key component required for healthy cell division, called the centromere, is passed on from one generation of cells to the next.

Building solid foundations for the next generation

Staff from the SynthSys Centre for Synthetic and Systems Biology and the School of Biological Sciences hosted two Foundation Apprentices during the summer.

Stephen Wallace awarded UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship

Stephen Wallace, a Lecturer in Biotechnology, is the recipient of a UK government fellowship that supports early career researchers and innovators with outstanding potential.

Wild animals’ immune systems decline with age, sheep study finds

It is well established that weakened immune systems in old age affect people’s health and fitness, but a study suggests that it is also an issue for wild animals.

Innovative science PhD programmes announced by Wellcome

The School of Biological Sciences has been awarded funding for two innovative science PhD programmes by a leading research charity.