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Career Coaching in Science Video - Sharing what works in academia

The School of Biological Sciences runs a successful career coaching programme and have produced a short video to showcase the effectiveness of career coaching.

The video showcases the effectiveness of career coaching for:

  • an individual’s continuing professional development
  • the development of cultural change within departments, focusing on inclusivity

Career Coaching Programme

The School of Biological Sciences launched an annual career coaching programme in 2015 offering five individual coaching sessions to twelve coachees per year. 

Initially piloted as a “women-only” programme, in partnership with Equate Scotland, the scheme was subsequently open to everyone. However, the majority of applicants are female, suggesting this scheme addresses a specific need.

Our next career coaching programme will launch in February 2019.

2019 Career Coaching Programme 

Success for staff

The programme has been a resounding success: feedback from the coachees indicates that:

  • 90% of them feel more confident about their skills and qualities
  • 80% are more confident about their career
  • 60% have already engaged in new career development activities. 
  • All the coachees felt that they had benefitted from the programme

Success for the department

All coachees from our 2017 cohort agreed that the department had benefited from their coaching through their e.g. improved work relationships, increased effectiveness and confidence. 

Coaches also gave feedback to the management team on key themes that arise through the coaching, giving insight to School-wide issues that may need to be addressed.  

Please know this is money well spent. I am much happier in my role and generally. Thank you for this course of coaching - it has been invaluable.

Previous participant School of Biological Sciences Career Coaching Programme

Guidance for other Organisations

Find out how to set up a career coaching programme in your own department.

Video and guidance notes

Further Information

Please contact the School’s Equality and Diversity Committee if you’d like more information. 

The video was shot by videographer Dr Barry Gibb and supported by an Advance HE small development project grant.

Dr Barry Gibb