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Career Coaching in Science Video - Sharing what works in academia

The School of Biological Sciences runs a successful career coaching programme and have produced a short video to showcase the effectiveness of career coaching.

Decoding sleeping sickness signals could aid quest for treatments

Key insights into how the parasites behind sleeping sickness boost their ability to spread could aid efforts to beat the disease.

Gene study boosts bid to keep British bees safe from disease

Efforts to protect the UK's native honey bees could be helped by research that maps their entire genetic make-up.

Dr Julie Welburn receives EMBO Young Investigator Award

Julie Welburn, Senior Research Fellow in the Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology at the School of Biological Sciences, is the recipient of an EMBO Young Investigator award.

Disrupting parasites’ family planning could aid malaria fight

Malaria parasites know good times from bad and plan their offspring accordingly, scientists have found, in a development that could inform new treatments.

Gene find could pave way for disease-resistant crops

Discovery of a gene that helps plants control their response to disease could aid efforts to develop crops that are resistant to infection, research suggests.