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New Lectureships in Biological Sciences

The University of Edinburgh is an exciting, vibrant, research led academic community offering opportunities to work with leading international academics whose visions are shaping tomorrow’s world.

Lab-grown eggs could pave way towards new fertility treatments

Human eggs have been fully grown in a laboratory, in a move that could lead to improved fertility treatments.

Professor Francisca Mutapi awarded Chancellor’s Award for Impact

Francisca Mutapi, Professor of Global Health Infection and Immunity in the School of Biological Sciences, has received the Chancellor’s Award for Impact.

Breeding quirks of head lice offer insight into effective treatments

New insights into the unusual way in which lice reproduce could be key to managing outbreaks of the common pest.

Complex tools help crows hunt more quickly

Scientists have discovered why some crows craft elaborate hooked tools from branched twigs.

Solving a century-old mystery in cell division

It has been a biological mystery for over 100 years and stimulated fierce debate amongst scientists. How do cells package long, tangled strands of chromosomes into tightly compact structures before cell division. A remarkable new study published in Science has revealed the answer. Professor Bill Earnshaw explains how he tackled this problem and why collaboration was the key to success.