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Under-fives should be priority for snail fever therapy, study finds

Infants in some of the world’s poorest regions are vulnerable to a common worm parasite infection and their treatment should become a priority, according to a study.

Professor Susan Rosser awarded Royal Academy of Engineering’s Chair in Emerging Technologies

Susan Rosser, Professor of Synthetic Biology, a joint appointment between the School of Biological Sciences and School of Engineering, is the recipient of a prestigious Chair in Emerging Technologies, designed to support global research visionaries.

Therapeutic worms for inflammatory disorders? Perhaps there is a more palatable option

It is perhaps one of the greatest health triumphs in modern history. In many parts of the world, our remarkable progress in eradicated intestinal parasitic worms has relieved millions from misery and chronic ill health. But many societies that have been successful in eradicating parasitic worms have found themselves burdened with an increasing number of inflammatory disorders like hay fever, asthma, inflammatory bowel disease and eczema.

Warming seas could put at-risk seabirds out of sync with prey

Seabirds may struggle to find food for their chicks as they are unable to shift their breeding seasons as the climate warms, a study suggests.

New user-friendly DNA assembly toolkit

The development of a more versatile, simple and efficient DNA assembly kit will offer researchers unlimited ways of building complex molecular constructs by combining different DNA parts.

Navigating the world’s oceans by tapping into bacterial swimming strategies

Funding to understand how bacteria swim to stay alive could lead to the development of bacterial ‘biosensors’ to help the U.S. Navy navigate at sea.