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One switch to control them all – unravelling seasonality in plants

Plants make drastic changes to their biology to survive the changing seasons. Yet we know little about how they do this - despite the important clues it could give us on how plants adapt to harsh environments. It is only by studying a long-known anomaly in patterns of gene expression, that we discover one answer has been there all along.

HIV study reveals new group of men at risk of infection

A group of men who may be underestimating their HIV risk has been identified in a new study.

Two-step process underpins upkeep of key protein in cell division

Scientists have shed light on a key aspect of healthy cell division, helping build a clearer picture of the complex mechanisms involved.

Professor Keith Matthews elected Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences

Keith Matthews, Professor of Parasite Biology, has been elected to join the prestigious Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

Hungry parasites: when hosts eat, their parasites do too

If you want to control your parasite infection, the time that you eat may be the answer. A new study has found that the time of day that hosts eat affects the daily activities of their malaria parasites.

Malaria study reveals gene variants linked to disease

Many people of African heritage are protected against malaria by inheriting a particular version of a gene, a large-scale study has shown.