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Sharing parenting leads to healthier young, beetle study finds

Animals who share the task of parenting do a better job than parents who do so on their own, according to a study of insects.

Sir Adrian Peter Bird and Professor William Hill honoured by the Royal Society

Sir Adrian Peter Bird, Buchanan Professor of Genetics, and William Hill, Emeritus Professor of Animal Genetics have received prestigious medals from the Royal Society.

Inbred animals face greater threat from changes to environment

Animals that are inbred make mistakes in response to changes in their surroundings, which threatens their survival, research has found.

One switch to control them all – unravelling seasonality in plants

Plants make drastic changes to their biology to survive the changing seasons. Yet we know little about how they do this - despite the important clues it could give us on how plants adapt to harsh environments. It is only by studying a long-known anomaly in patterns of gene expression, that we discover one answer has been there all along.

HIV study reveals new group of men at risk of infection

A group of men who may be underestimating their HIV risk has been identified in a new study.

Professor Jean Beggs receives RNA Society 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award

Jean Beggs, Professor of Molecular Biology in the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology at the University of Edinburgh, has been honoured with the RNA Society’s 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award