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All the news from 2017

PhD applications for 2018 are open

Our PhD applications are now open for 2018, with an initial closing date of 4th December.

Algae could feed and fuel planet with aid of new hi-tech tool

Vast quantities of medicines and renewable fuels could be produced by algae using a new gene-editing technique, a study suggests.

Newly found immune defence could pave way to treat allergies

Scientists have made a fundamental discovery about how our body’s immune system clears harmful infections.

Africa-led research to tackle the challenge of infectious diseases

Around 50 million people could benefit from a new multidisciplinary research programme that is seeking new solutions to neglected tropical diseases and emerging epidemics in Africa.

Biotech company raises $42.5m to treat sight loss

Edinburgh researchers are scientific co-founders of a new medical therapeutics company developing treatments for a common cause of blindness.

Why do humans live for so long?

Unlike other species, there seems to be no obvious evolutionary benefit to humans reaching an older age. In a new study, published in Nature Ecology and Evolution, Dr Jacob Moorad and Craig Walling from the Institute for Evolutionary Biology conclude that there are no easy answers and the mystery is more complex than we thought.