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Biotech company raises $42.5m to treat sight loss

Edinburgh researchers are scientific co-founders of a new medical therapeutics company developing treatments for a common cause of blindness.

Why do humans live for so long?

Unlike other species, there seems to be no obvious evolutionary benefit to humans reaching an older age. In a new study, published in Nature Ecology and Evolution, Dr Jacob Moorad and Craig Walling from the Institute for Evolutionary Biology conclude that there are no easy answers and the mystery is more complex than we thought.

Nobel award for research pioneer

A winner of the 2017 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine is the latest of many laureates with University links.

Scientists support African drug resistance fight

Edinburgh researchers have contributed to a Zimbabwean initiative to tackle the threat of growing resistance to antibiotics.

DNA discovery could help shed light on rare childhood disorder

New insights into how our cells store and manage DNA during cell division could help point towards the causes of a rare developmental condition.

Bid to tackle widespread cattle disease may aid African farmers

Scientists are beginning a £2 million project to better understand a livestock disease that causes widespread economic hardship in sub-Saharan Africa.