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EngBio Seminar - Building and exploiting synthetic yeast genomes

Benjamin Blount (Nottingham)

23rd May 2024 at 9:30am [Download iCalendar / .ics file]

C.H Waddington Building, Seminar room 1.08

Abstract: The international Sc2.0 project is building the first synthetic eukaryotic genome. By designing, assembling and debugging DNA on a genomic scale, we have refined our understanding of how genomes work, developed new technologies and imbued cells with new abilities. The most prominent of these abilities is SCRaMbLE, a system that rearranges synthetic chromosomes on-demand. Using SCRaMbLE, we can generate a massive amount of genotypic and phenotypic diversity from which individuals with enhanced characteristics can be identified.

In this talk I will discuss the process of building an Sc2.0 synthetic chromosome (synXI); the convoluted and at times surprising ordeal of debugging synXI; steps towards building the next generation of synthetic chromosomes; and the use of SCRaMbLE to rapidly generate strains with improved production of high value compounds, growth in new carbon sources and tolerances to a range of different stresses. 

Host Giovanni Stracquadanio (IQB3, SBS)

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