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Engbio Seminar - Systems biology for increasing chemical production in cyanobacteria

Paul Hudson ((KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)

25th April 2024 at 9:30am [Download iCalendar / .ics file]

C.H Waddington Building, Seminar room 1.08


I will describe our approaches toward optimizing photoautotrophic cyanobacteria for synthesis of chemicals from carbon dioxide. This includes first the use of CRISPR interference genetic screens to identify useful regulation points to divert fixed carbon away from growth and instead toward chemical production. Such screens have also been useful for mapping gene fitness in cyanobacteria in various growth conditions and informing on function of hypothetical genes. In a second track, we have adapted chemoproteomics methods to identify metabolite-protein interactions in the proteomes of cyanobacteria and chloroplasts, with the motivation that accumulating metabolites in genetically modified producer strains may negatively affect enzyme activity. These techniques allow us to map metabolite-protein binding surfaces. In an initial application, we found widespread interaction of tested metabolites with enzymes in central carbon metabolism, but only a fraction of these interactions affect catalysis. Finally, I will describe efforts in mutagenizing enzymes to reduce sensitivity to metabolite regulation, by high-throughput screening of the effect of enzyme mutation on both cell growth and product synthesis rates.

Host Alistair McCormick (IMPS, SBS)

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