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Monday Seminar Series - "From laboratory to systems: A multi-dimensional multi-scale approach to whole systems sustainability with LCA and LCSA"

Professor Jhuma Sadhukhan - Institute for Sustainability, University of Sussex

11th March 2024 at 12:00pm [Download iCalendar / .ics file]

Daniel Rutherford, G.27, LT1

The value chains of products and services encompass complex, diverse, and overlapping stages across various temporal and spatial scales, integrating mass and energy flows from raw material acquisition through manufacturing, logistics, and usage, to waste management and resource circulation. This comprehensive approach extends beyond laboratory experimentation, building on laboratory data, aiming to mitigate environmental impacts by considering the entire life cycle of products or services. life cycle assessment (LCA), as guided by ISO standards 14040-44, systematically evaluates these impacts in four phases: defining goals and scope, analysing inventory, assessing impacts, and interpreting results. Further, the life cycle sustainability assessment (LCSA) (combined with ISO26000) method underscores the necessity of sustainable alternatives through multi-criteria sustainability analysis, balancing environmental, economic, and social dimensions.

Host Louise Horsfall, IQB3

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