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SynthSys Seminar Series - Meet the Editor, Review Commons

Dr Sara Monaco (Review Commons)

30th September 2021 at 12:00pm [Download iCalendar / .ics file]

Online, Collaborate

Review Commons is a platform for high-quality journal-independent peer-review in the life sciences (

Review Commons provides authors with a Refereed Preprint, which includes the authors’ manuscript, reports from a single round of peer review and the authors’ response. Review Commons also facilitates author-directed submission of Refereed Preprints to affiliate journals to expedite editorial consideration, reduce serial re-review and streamline publication.

Review Commons transfers Refereed Preprints on behalf of the authors to bioRxiv and 17 affiliate journals from EMBO Press, eLife, ASCB, The Company of Biologists, Rockefeller University Press and PLOS.

Receiving peer reviews before journal submission is anticipated to help authors to make more informed decisions on which journal is the best fit for their work. The feedback provided by reviewers will help them to improve the study, strengthen the evidence when necessary and clarify the message. Join Managing Editor, Dr Sara Monaco, for an opportunity to learn more. Significant time will be allocated for questions.Further information: Contact 

Host Prof Meriem el Karoui

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