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"An ancestral mechanism for the coordination of transcriptional programs in plants"

Prof Miguel Blazquez - Institute for Plant Molecular and Cell Biology · IBMCP

18th March 2020 at 2:00pm [Download iCalendar / .ics file]

CH Waddington Building, 1.08

DELLA proteins are transcriptional regulators that modulate the activity of over 150 transcription factors in Arabidopsis, involved in multiple physiological and developmental processes. DELLAs transduce environmental information into transcriptional circuits because their stability is regulated by gibberellins (GAs), whose homeostasis largely depends on environmental cues. These features position GAs and DELLAs as key regulators of the balance between growth and stress responses and have been the target of crop improvement over decades. 

However, the ability of GAs to promote DELLA degradation has been associated with the emergence of vascular plants, while DELLA proteins are present also in early-diverging land plants (bryophytes). In this talk, I will address three questions from an evolutionary perspective: 

(1) Was the regulation between growth and stress already encoded in the ancestral DELLA? (2) How did DELLA become a transcriptional 'hub'? 

(3) How was DELLA recruited by GAs in the ancestor of vascular plants to construct the GA signaling pathway?

Host Karen Halliday

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