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Modelling neuronal development with stem cells: from single factors to systems

Noel Buckley, University of Oxford

22nd August 2017 at 4:00pm [Download iCalendar / .ics file]

Waddington Building, 1.08

A major tenet of biology is that development is driven and regulated by networks of transcription factors. This is nowhere more true than during mammalian neurodevelopment where the neural stem cells of the neural plate must ultimately generate the myriad of cell types that constitute the adult nervous system. For several decades we have been driven by the hunt for singular master regulator genes or hubs that drive neurodevelopment and have paid scant attention to the networks in which the regulators operate. I will review both these approaches using our work on REST as an exemplar of a master transcription factor that regulates a myriad of biological processes and then introduce our recent attempts to develop dynamical networks using a state-space modelling approach incorporating time-delay to provide a systems perspective of neural induction.

Host Adrian Bird

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