Biological Sciences

Events and seminars

Date Event
17th Jun 19Dr Tineke Lenstra - Division Gene Regulation, The Netherlands Cancer Institute

Monday Seminar Series - "Understanding transcription dynamics at the single-molecule level"

18th Jun 19Alex Dammermann, Max F. Perutz Laboratories, University of Vienna, Austria

Defining Centriole Function in Centrosome and Cilium Biogenesis

20th Jun 19Michael Emanuele, Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

Ubiquitin in normal and cancer cell cycles

20th Jun 19Ashish Dhir, University of Oxford


21st Jun 19Prof Bart Deplancke (EPF Lausanne)

SynthSys Seminar Series - Resolving tissue development and homeostasis using single cell technologies

24th Jun 19Dr Nathalie Verbruggen - Plant Physiology and Molecular Genetics, Universite Libre de Bruxelle

Monday Seminar Series - "TBD"

26th Jun 192nd year graduate poster session


26th Jun 19Various Speakers

Graduate School Poster Day 2019

4th Jul 19Matthew Reynolds (CIMMYT, Mexico)


18th Sep 19Tanja Schwander (Lausanne)


23rd Sep 19tbd

Monday Seminar Series -

25th Sep 19Sheena Cotter


30th Sep 19tbd

Monday Seminar Series -

2nd Oct 19Jacek Radwan (AMU Poznan)

IEB seminars: TBC

7th Oct 19tbd

Monday Seminar Series -

9th Oct 19Dannie Durand


16th Oct 19Julie Jaquiery (INRA)

IEB Seminar: TBC

21st Oct 19tbd

Monday Seminar Series -

23rd Oct 19Available


28th Oct 19tbd

Monday Seminar Series -

30th Oct 19Mirre Simmons (Sheffield)


4th Nov 19tbd

Monday Seminar Series -

6th Nov 19John Skelhorn (Newcastle)


7th Nov 19Professor Joan Steitz, Yale School of Medicine

Murray Lecture 2019 - "TBD"

8th Nov 19various

Symposium - "From DNA to RNA Synthesis, Processing and Cancer"

11th Nov 19tbd

Monday Seminar Series -

13th Nov 19Unavailable

The Century of Genetics meeting

14th Nov 19Gavin Wright


18th Nov 19tbd

Monday Seminar Series -

20th Nov 19Sandra Breum Andersen (NYU Langone Medical Center / University of Copenhagen)


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