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Date Event
20th Feb 18Prof Michael Brockhurst, University of Sheffield

Edinburgh Microbiology - The ecology and evolution of horizontal gene transfer in bacterial communities

21st Feb 18various

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar - PhD student presentation

21st Feb 18[Still Available]

IEB Seminars TBA

22nd Feb 18Dr Sebastien Kruss (Göttingen University)

SynthSys Seminar Series - title to be confirmed

22nd Feb 18Miguel Soares (Gulbenkian)

Disease tolerance as a defence strategy against malaria

23rd Feb 18TBC

Happy Hour Seminar: TBA

23rd Feb 18Various Speakers

College of Science & Engineering Symposium

26th Feb 18Dr Etienne Bucher, Institut de Recherche en Horticulture et Semences, Centre Angers-Nantes / INRA-IRHS

Monday Seminar Series - Epigenetic regulation of retrotransposon mobility by RNA polymerase II

28th Feb 18various

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar - PhD student presentation

28th Feb 18Rob Salguero-Gomez (Oxford University)

EdEN symposium: "On why we need more life history oddities to examine life history evolution"

1st Mar 18Chiara Romagnani (Berlin)

To be confirmed

5th Mar 18Dr Alena Shkumatava, Genetics and Developmental Biology, Institut Curie

Monday Seminar Series - Dissecting the in vivo functions and mechanisms of action of lncRNAs

5th Mar 18Cancelled

IEB Seminars: Cancelled due to UCU strike action

7th Mar 18David tollervey (ICB)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar - Paths to degradation

7th Mar 18Martin Reijns (HGU-IGMM)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar - Genome-embedded ribonucleotides: the good, the bad and the ugly

8th Mar 18Prof Andrzej Gorski (Polish Academy of Sciences)

SynthSys Seminar Series - title to be confirmed

9th Mar 18Surabi Ranavat and Max Brown

Happy Hour Seminar: TBC

12th Mar 18Dr Steve Brusatte - School of Geosciences, University of Edinburgh

Monday Seminar Series - The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs

14th Mar 18tbc

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar -

14th Mar 18Louise Horsfall (IQB3)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar - tbc

14th Mar 18Kevin Kocot (Alabama)

IEB Seminars: "Phylogenomics and the evolution of biomineralisation in molluscs"

15th Mar 18Professor Wei Huang, Synthetic Biology and Single Cell Biotechnology, University of Oxford

Monday Seminar Series - Development of Simcells as novel chassis for biosensors

19th Mar 18Dr Bob Vander Meer - Center for Medical, Agricultural, and Veterinary Entomology, USDA

Monday Seminar Series - Biogenic amines and neuropeptides regulate fire ant worker and sexual activities

21st Mar 18John Connelly (Bird group - ICB)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar - The Molecular Basis of MeCP2 Binding to Non-methylated DNA

21st Mar 18Peter Sarkies (MRC, London)

IEB Seminars TBC

21st Mar 18Georg Bobkov (Heun group - ICB)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar - Centromere transcription allows CENP-A to transit from chromatin association to stable incorporation

22nd Mar 18Prof Karsten Kruse (University of Geneva)

SynthSys Seminar Series - title to be confirmed

22nd Mar 18Rose Zamoyska

To be confirmed

23rd Mar 18Jon Richardson and Tom Ratz

Happy Hour Seminar: TBC

26th Mar 18Dr Kim Hammond-Kosack - Molecular Plant Pathology, Biointeractions and Crop Protection, Rothamsted Research

Monday Seminar Series - tbc

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