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Date Event
21st Nov 19Jane McKeating (Oxford)

Cellular and tissue tropism of viruses

21st Nov 19Prof Magali Remaud-Simeon (Head of Enzyme Molecular Engineering group, Toulouse Biotechnology Institute)

SynthSys Seminar Series - Evolving enzymes for innovation

25th Nov 19Dr ingo Hein, Jame Hutton Institute, Dundee

Monday Seminar Series - "The Impact of Modern Genomics on Crop Disease Resistance Research"

27th Nov 19Stephen Montgomery (Bristol)

Sensory and cognitive adaptations in butterfly brains' which is helpfully vague

27th Nov 19Cancelled

Cancelled due to strike action

27th Nov 19Joanna Strachan (Bayne - ICB)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar Series - "TBC"

27th Nov 19Ansgar Zoch (O'Carroll - ISCR/Wellcome)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar Series - "Identification of a novel factor essential for piRNA-mediated silencing and de novo DNA methylation of transposable elements"

28th Nov 19Joanna Young


28th Nov 19Fiona Duerden, Health and Safety Deputy Manager

Health and Safety Induction Talk for New 2019 PhD Students

2nd Dec 19Katie Atkins


2nd Dec 19Dr Daniel Fisher - Institut de Génétique Moléculare de Montpellier, CNRS

Monday Seminar Series - "The importance of disorder: insights from the cell proliferation antigen Ki-67"

4th Dec 19Göran Arnqvist (Uppsala)


4th Dec 19Curran Oi (Regan - IQB3)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar Series - "PROTEIN PAINT - a new way to do super-resolution microscopy in live yeast. Application to cell division & other interesting biological processes"

4th Dec 19Kevin Hardwick (ICB)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar Series - "Fluctuating ploidy in a fungal pathogen"

4th Dec 19Göran Arnqvist (Uppsala)

The genomic footprint of sexual conflict in seed beetles

5th Dec 19Jake Baum (Crick)

Factors controlling Plasmodium motility

5th Dec 19Dr Hyun Youk (TU Delft)

SynthSys Seminar Series - At the cusp of life and death

9th Dec 19Dr Marie-Noëlle Prioleau - Chromosomal Domains and DNA Replication, Institut Jacques Monod Université Paris Diderot

Monday Seminar Series - "Determinants of replication origins in vertebrate cells"

11th Dec 19Katie Atkins

Are vaccines useful to prevent drug resistant infections?

11th Dec 19Dominik Hoelper (Schirmer - ICB)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar Series - "TBC"

11th Dec 19Patrick Heun (ICB)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar Series - "Reconstituting epigenetic inheritance of Drosophila centromere identity in human cells"

15th Jan 20Jonna Kulmuni (University of Helsinki)


15th Jan 20Beatriz Orosa Puente (Spoel - IMPS)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar Series - "Diverse Ubiquitin Chain Linkage Types Orchestrate the Immune Response"

15th Jan 20Justin Goodrich (IMPS)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar Series - "Genes controlling cuticle formation and water transport in early land plants"

15th Jan 20Jonna Kulmuni (University of Helsinki)


22nd Jan 20Jamie Gilman (School of Engineering)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar Series - "CRISPR-mediated optogenetic control of transcription activation in yeast"

22nd Jan 20Attila Molnar (IMPS)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar Series - "Efficient gene editing in microalgae"

22nd Jan 20Shinichi Nakagawa (New South Wales)


29th Jan 20Niki Gray (MRC Centre for Reproductive Health)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar Series - "Using rodent models to understand the impact of poly(A)-binding proteins on human health"

29th Jan 20[Still Available]


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