Biological Sciences

Events and seminars

Date Event
18th Oct 17(No Seminar)

IEB Seminars TBC

19th Oct 17Corrie Detweiler, University of Colorado Boulder

Probing host-pathogen interactions with chemical genetics

23rd Oct 17Professor Gary Karpen - Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of California, Berkeley, USA

Monday Seminar Series - Biophysics and Genome Regulation: Phase Separation Drives Heterochromatin Domain Formation

25th Oct 17Matt Robinson (Lausanne)

IEB Seminars: Improving our understanding of the genetic basis of human complex traits

25th Oct 17Liz Blackburn (Walkinshaw group - IQB3)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar - Biophysical characterization of lymphostatin, a multifunctional virulence factor of attaching & effacing Escherichia coli

25th Oct 17Andrew Free (IQB3)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar - Microbiota-Pathogen-Immune System Interactions in the Mammalian Gastrointestinal Tract

26th Oct 17David Lea-Smith (UEA)

SynthSys Seminar Series: Understanding and manipulating cyanobacteria, a phylum of environmental and biotechnological importance

30th Oct 17Professor Gail Preston, Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford

Monday Seminar Series - The impact of the host microenvironment on plant disease development

1st Nov 17Joël Meunier (University François Rabelais of Tours)

IEB Seminar: Unexpected costs and benefits of family life in earwigs: new insights into the early evolution of social life?

1st Nov 17Capilla Mata Perez (Visiting postdoc – Spoel – IMPS)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar - Nitro-fatty acids in plant signalling

1st Nov 17Alex von Kriegsheim (IGMM – CRUK Edi)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar - Hydroxylases, at the cross-roads of cell fate

2nd Nov 17Santiago Gonzalez , Inst for Research in Biomedicine, Bellinzona

Role of lymph node macrophages in the inflammatory response that follows vaccination in the draining lymph node

6th Nov 17Dr Stephan Uphoff, Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford

Monday Seminar Series - Visualising the regulation of bacterial DNA repair and mutagenesis using single-molecule and single-cell microscopy

8th Nov 17Luis Miguel Chevin (Montpellier)

IEB Seminar TBC

8th Nov 17Ira Iosub (PhD student – Granneman – IQB3)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar - Unravelling the role of Nsr1, a novel small non-coding RNA that regulates envelope composition in E.coli

8th Nov 17Liz Bayne (ICB)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar - Understanding how RNAi-mediated silencing is initiated

9th Nov 17Martha Clokle (University of Leicester)

SynthSys Seminar Series: The dynamics of bacteriophages associated with gut microbiota

9th Nov 17Martin Reijns


13th Nov 17Dr Ian Henderson, Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge

Monday Seminar Series - Meiotic recombination and chromatin landscapes in plant genomes

14th Nov 17Prof Kevin Foster (University of Oxford)

SynthSys Seminar Series - Cooperation and competition in microbes: from model systems to the microbiome

15th Nov 17Simon Aeschbacher (Bern)

IEB Seminar TBC

15th Nov 17TBA

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar -

15th Nov 17Adele Marston (ICB)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar - Modifying chromosomes for meiosis

20th Nov 17Various Speakers

SBS-CMVM symposium

22nd Nov 17Peter Biedermann (Max Planck)

IEB Seminars TBC

22nd Nov 17Emanuela Sani (Beggs group - ICB)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar - TBC

22nd Nov 17Sander Granneman (IQB3)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar - Making sense out of post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression

22nd Nov 17Professor Adrian Krainer, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Murray Lecture 2017 - Antisense Therapy for Spinal Muscular Atrophy: Harnessing the Power of a Backup Gene

23rd Nov 17Velia Siciliano (Imperial College London)

SynthSys seminar Series: Designing new tools for synthetic biology in mammalian cells

27th Nov 17Professor Michael Holdsworth, School of Biosciences, University of Nottingham

Monday Seminar Series - The evolution and function of oxygen sensing in plants

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