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Date Event
27th Feb 20Calvin Tiengwe, Department of Life Sciences, Imperial College London

Iron-dependent control of transferrin receptor expression in Trypanosoma brucei

2nd Mar 20Professor Patrick Cramer - Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, MPG

Monday Seminar Series - "Transcription of the genome: mechanisms and regulatory principles"

4th Mar 20Chris Sibley (IQB3)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar Series - "TBC"

4th Mar 20Stephen Montgomery (Bristol)

Sensory and cognitive adaptations in butterfly brains' which is helpfully vague

4th Mar 20Stephen Montgomery (Bristol)

Sensory and cognitive adaptations in butterfly brains

4th Mar 20Georg Kustatscher (Rappsilber - ICB)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar Series - "TBC"

5th Mar 20Natalia Baranova (IST Austria)

SynthSys Seminar series - In vitro reconstitution of bacterial cell division

9th Mar 20Dr Jose Jimenez - SynBio, University of Surrey

Monday Seminar Series - "Cell Economics: The Interplay Between Growth and Gene Expression in Bacteria"

10th Mar 20Professor Adele Marston

Inaugural Lecture - "Shuffle and deal: The chromosome game preceding the start of life"

11th Mar 20Daniel Bolnick (Connecticut)

Post-grad speaker

11th Mar 20Louise Horsfall (IQB3)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar Series - "Biologically Upcycling Metals"

11th Mar 20Alistair McCormick (IMPS)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar Series - "Introducing an algal CO2 concentrating mechanism into a higher plant"dd

11th Mar 20Daniel Bolnick, Connecticut


16th Mar 20Dr Katherine Duncan - Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences, University of Strathclyde

Monday Seminar Series - "Defining Patterns in Chemical and Genomic Space to Prioritize Antibiotic Discovery from Marine Actinobacteria"

17th Mar 20TBC

SBS Career Coaching Launch 2020

18th Mar 20Prof Miguel Blazquez - Institute for Plant Molecular and Cell Biology · IBMCP


18th Mar 20Florencia Camus (UCL)

Genomic insights into metabolism and fitness

18th Mar 20Rafal Czapiewski (Schrimer - ICB)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar Series - "FETCH-ing genes to the nuclear envelope in adipogenesis and lipodystrophy"

18th Mar 20Sara Buonomo (ICB)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar Series - "TBC"

18th Mar 20Florencia Camus, UCL


19th Mar 20Fredrik Van Den Broeck


19th Mar 20Henning Mootz (WWU Münster)

SynthSys Seminar Series - Split inteins for post-translational control of protein structure and function

23rd Mar 20Professor Helen Saibil - Department of Biological Sciences, Birkbeck, University of London

Monday Seminar Series - "Cellular protein aggregation and disaggregation by chaperones"

24th Mar 20Professor Sarah Reece

Inaugural Lecture - "The private life of parasites: Sophisticated strategies for survival and reproduction"

25th Mar 20Alexander Suh (Uppsala)


25th Mar 20TBC

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar Series - "TBC"

25th Mar 20Chris French (IQB3)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar Series - "Potholes on the Pathway to Impact"

25th Mar 20Alexander Suh, Uppsala


30th Mar 20Dr Peter Eastmond - rothamsted REsearch

Monday Seminar Series - "TBC"

31st Mar 20Colin McEvoy, SBS Health and Safety Manager

Health and Safety Induction Talk for New Starts

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