Biological Sciences

Events and seminars

Date Event
7th Jan 19Dr Sophie Helaine - Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medicine, Imperial College London

Monday Seminar Series - "Salmonella persisters during infection"

10th Jan 19Jan van der Meer

SynthSys Seminar Series - Synthetic bacterial sensors for environmental monitoring

14th Jan 19Professor Dr Susanne Lens - Oncode Institute and Center for Molecular Medicine, UMC Utrecht

Monday Seminar Series - "Cell division control by the Chromosomal Passenger Complex and PLK1"

15th Jan 19Tanja Schwander (Lausanne)

IEB Seminars TBC

16th Jan 19Bram Prevo (Earnshaw - ICB)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar Series - "TBD"

16th Jan 19Professor Rory Duncan (Heriot-Watt University)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar Series - "TBD"

21st Jan 19Dr Julia de Rezende - Energy, Geosciences, Infrastructure and Society, Institute of Life and Earth Sciences, Heriot-Watt University

Monday Seminar Series - "TBD"

23rd Jan 19Eva Ringler (Vienna)

IEB Seminars: TBC

23rd Jan 19Johanna Krahmer (Halliday - IMPS)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar Series - "The role of phytochrome in plant growth and metabolism"

23rd Jan 19Andrew Hudson (IMPS)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar Series - "TBD"

24th Jan 19Walter Kolch

SynthSys Seminar series - Precision Oncology enabled by computational modelling

28th Jan 19Dr Antony Dodd - School of Biological Sciences, University of Bristol

Monday Seminar Series - "Circadian rhythms and cell signalling in plants"

30th Jan 19[Still Available]

IEB Seminars: TBA

30th Jan 19tomasz Turowski (Tollervey- ICB)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar Series - "Functional analysis of RNA polymerase I transcription in vivo"

30th Jan 19Sander Granneman (IQB3)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar Series - "Post-transcriptional regulation in multi-drug resistant Staphylococcus Aureus"

4th Feb 19Dr Marcus Buschbeck - Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute

Monday Seminar Series - "Histone variants linking 3D architecture and metabolism"

6th Feb 19Jelena Baranovic (IQB3)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar Series - "Structure and function of AMPA-type glutamate receptors"

6th Feb 19Aoife McLysaght (Trinity College Dublin)

IEB Seminars: TBC

6th Feb 19Marcus Wilson (IQB3)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar Series - "Visualizing chromatin complexes using electron microscopy"

7th Feb 19Alex Brand (MRC Centre for Medical Mycology, University of Aberdeen)

SynthSys Seminar Series - Title to be confirmed

11th Feb 19Dr Karrera Y Djoko - Department of Biosciences, Durham University

Monday Seminar Series - "Handling of trace metal nutrients in bacteria"

13th Feb 19[Still Available]

IEB Seminars: TBA

18th Feb 19Dr Jerome Bonnet - CBS, CNRS, France

Monday Seminar Series - "TBD"

20th Feb 19Wayne Potts (Utah)

IEB Seminars: TBC

20th Feb 19Diego Oyarzun (IQB3)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar Series - "TBD"

20th Feb 19Dhanya Cheerambathur (ICB)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar Series - "Repurposing of the Kinetochore-Microtubule Coupling Machinery during Neuronal Morphogenesis"

21st Feb 19Julia Bos (Dept of Genomes and Genetics, Institut Pasteur)

SynthSys Seminar series - Title to be confirmed

25th Feb 19Dr Niko Geldner - Department of Plant Molecular Biology (DBMV), Université de Lausanne

Monday Seminar Series - "TBD"

27th Feb 19Stefan Bresson (Tollervey - ICB)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar Series - "Stress-induced changes to the RNA binding proteome in yeast"

27th Feb 19Edward Wallace (ICB)

Wednesday Lunch-time Seminar Series - "Start codon choice regulates alternative protein localization in diverse fungi"

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