Molecular Plant Sciences


Description of facilities and contact information.

Plant growth facility

Facilities for plant growth include over 2,200 m2 of glasshouse space, six controlled environmental rooms (>550 m2), smaller growth chambers and a tissue culture facility.

Each growth room is individually controlled for temperature and day length and humidity is monitored. The tissue culture facility provides sterile working areas for cell and tissue transfer and three growthrooms that are again individually controllable for temperature and light conditions. This allows us to utilise the facility for a range of cell and callus cultures for a variety of species. The plant growth facility also has over 800 m2 of partially fenced outdoor plots, including a pond area.

The plant growth facility can also provide the following services:

  • Plant maintenance
  • Pest control
  • Soil / media mixing and trials
  • Plant propagation from seed/cuttings to harvest
  • Regeneration of plants from cuttings
  • Tissue culture
  • Crossing
  • Grafting

Please contact Sophie Haupt for further details of plant growth facilities and protocols.

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Biology scanning electron microscope facilities (BioSEM)

The Electron Microscope facility of the School of Biological Sciences is housed within our institute, providing both scanning and transmission EM and sample preparation.

Our Hitachi 4700 II cold Field-emission Scanning Electron Microscope is equipped with the following components: -

  • a Gatan Alto cryo-preparation system for high-resolution Low-temperature scanning electron microscopy
  • a Yttrium Aluminum Garnet scintillator back-scattered electron detector capable of imaging 5nm immunogold labels.

Our Philips / FEI CM120 Biotwin transmission electron microscope is a high-contrast biological instrument complemented by a range of specimen preparation equipment including: -

  • a Leica EMPact High-Pressure freezer
  • a Leica AFS automatic freeze-substitution system
  • a Reichert ultramicrotomes with an FCS cryo-ultramicrotomy system
  • an Oxford cryo-specimen holder

Other equipment includes: -

  • Edwards high-vacuum coating unit is available for evaporative coating and replication of specimens with metals and carbon
  • EmScope sputter coater
  • Polaron critical point drier
  • Compound and stereo light microscopes

Please contact Steve Mitchell for further details.

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Further details of the School’s other research facilities can be found on the following web page: