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Vital nutrient has key role


An essential mineral in our diets has an unexpected role in helping living things remain adapted to the rhythms of night and day, scientists have found.

Published 14 April.

New study ALP1 gene


A large fraction of the DNA of all plants and animals is made of genes known as transposons, so named because they can move from one area of DNA to another.  These genes are often harmful to the organism in which they occur, but survive because they can multiply faster than they can be removed.  However a new study in plants shows that transposons can also evolve to have a beneficial role in living things.

Published 4 February.

New insights into plant development


Crops that can thrive in warming climates are a step closer, thanks to new insights into how temperature and light affect plant development.

Published 2 February.

New insights into plant growth


New insights into how plants regulate their absorption of an essential nutrient could help avoid pollution caused by excess use of fertiliser.

Published 12 November.

Fresh insights into plant growth


Crops that thrive in changing climates could be developed more easily, thanks to fresh insights into plant growth.

Published 9 September.


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