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Students and industry

There are a number of ways to engage our students with industry.

We support students on taught programmes, be they undergraduate or masters level, to undertake projects in an industrial setting, as well as supporting EASTBIO PhD students with their internships. Again, these projects vary from short summer placements, industrial projects as dissertations (for undergraduate and masters students), or as year-long placements. 

The School of Biological Sciences is working with organisations to improve the employability of our graduates by actively seeking opportunities for students to undertake work based projects in the Life Sciences. This is an exciting opportunity to work with our students, addressing a real need within your business.

There are many potential benefits to your organisation to being involved in these initiatives 

  • Tap into research skills in using biological principals and systems to create new products, services and industries
  • A high-calibre, temporary resource to assist with a strategic project
  • The opportunity undertake smaller projects that might have been on hold or would not otherwise have been done
  • Access to intelligent minds, bringing innovation, skills and knowledge
  • Opportunities to get energy and fresh insights to a particular business area; a different perspective to problems and a new motivated member of the team.

Our international standing attracts some of the brightest minds from across the globe. As the modern inheritors of a 400-year-old reputation for excellence, our staff and students contribute to a vibrant academic community whose visions are shaping tomorrow’s world.

Types of student placement with the School of Biological Sciences


Year-long placements

Each year, some students choose to take a year out of their degree programme and gain a year of relevant work experience. This does not form part of the degree, and is not credited, although we encourage and support students who wish to do a year long placement in between their penultimate and final year. Placements vary greatly, and students are required to submit a report to the Academic Supervisor. We are committed to helping our students with these excellent opportunities.

Summer placements

We also encourage students to undertake shorter projects throughout their summer vacation period, from around June - September. If you would like to offer a short vacation placement or project, please get in touch via the email address below. 

EASTBIO PhD students

For more information about our EASTBIO Internship support, and how you can get involved, please have a look at the EASTBIO website.

Professional Internships for EASTBIO PhD Students (PIPS)


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