Biological Sciences

Commercial research services

We are exceptionally well-equipped with the latest technologies to enable our researchers to stay at the forefront of their fields.

Large microscope

Industrial partners and other organisations can access some of these facilities and the expert staff who run them.

Protein production

The Edinburgh Protein Production Facility (EPPF) offers rapid solutions to protein production, which underpins many key questions in structural and translational biology.

  • High throughput robotic cloning and screening
  • Tissue culture and fermentation suite
  • Automated purification

Drug discovery

We offer a web-based interface to EDULISS, our SQL database of physical, chemical and toxicological data on over 5.3 million small molecule structures. It enables you to preselect compounds for any given ligand design problem before beginning protein interaction modelling.

Edinburgh University Ligand Selection Service (EDULISS)

Lidaeus is our in-silico screening program. Its modular nature lets you easily experiment with new scoring and posing methods. Using the University BlueGene L system, it allows you to screen millions of compounds in hours rather than weeks.

Lidaeus in-silico screening program

Systems biology

We can offer expertise for partners in industry to benefit from practical applications of systems biology.

SynthSys at Edinburgh

Our expertise and facilities include:

  • High throughput qRT-PCR using the LightCycler 480 system and Freedom Evo-2 liquid handling platform and robotic workstation
  • LTQ Orbitrap XL mass spectrometry
  • Static modelling and pathway reconstruction
  • Software development

Optical spectroscopy, micromanipulation and imaging

We have developed beneficial partnerships with industry across the full range of our activities at the Collaborative Optical Spectroscopy, Micromanipulation and Imaging Centre (COSMIC).

Collaborative Optical Spectroscopy, Micromanipulation and Imaging Centre (COSMIC)

Our facilities include:

  • Microscopy and confocal imaging
  • Spectral imaging (FLIM and FRET)
  • Micromanipulation using optical tweezers

Contact Us

The School's Business Development Team, based within Edinburgh Innovations, are the first point of contact for any questions related to industry interactions and collaborations.

Business Development Team - School of Biological Sciences

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