Immunology and Infection


More information on research topics, postgraduate research opportunities, and translational activities.


Research in the Institute for Immunology and Infection Research encompasses immunology, parasite biology, parasite immunology and the RNA biology of infection. We share extensive links and research collaborations with our sister Institutes of Evolutionary biology and Cell Biology within the School of Biological Sciences. Our focus is on human, animal and global health and our researchers are fully integrated within the University-wide Edinburgh Infectious Diseases network. The excellence of our research culture is recognised through our Wellcome Trust PhD programme ‘Hosts, Pathogens and Global Health’, which closely links with the allied Wellcome PhD programmes, ‘One Health Models of Disease’ (hosted within the Roslin Institute) and  “Integrative Cellular mechanisms” (hosted within the Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology). Our Global Health activity is underpinned by the NIHR TIBA (Tackling Infections for the Benefit of Africa) Unit.




Immunology and Infection PI's form a major part of the Centre for Immunity, Infection and Evolution. The Centre carries out cross-disciplinary research across the broad scope of infectious disease, addressing the major challenges in global health today.

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Research topics

The research of principal investigators in Immunology and Infection encompasses four overlapping topics of study:

Postgraduate research opportunities

We offer several postgraduate degrees covering a wide range of research interests.

Translational activities

Overview of Translational work in Immunology and Infection.