Immunology and Infection

Knowledge transfer

Our resources to help malaria researchers worldwide.

The University of Edinburgh has long been a centre for studies on the natural genetic diversity of rodent malaria species such as:

  • Plasmodium berghei
  • Plasmodium chabaudi
  • Plasmodium vinckei
  • Plasmodium yoelii.

Many of the parasites studied here originally came from wild-caught infected thicket-rats from central Africa. We often send these parasites to other laboratories around the world.

Passage histories

Professor David Walliker compiled an archive of the passage history of every malaria isolate in the Edinburgh collection. People worldwide who request these parasites for their experiments will now be able to trace the entire laboratory history of the parasites.

European Malaria Reagent Repository

The European Malaria Reagent Repository is dedicated to the development, annotation, and curation of the largest and globally most diverse bank of malaria parasite-specific reagents.  The aim of the repository is to secure the future of reagents held in the University of Edinburgh and maximise their utility across the global community.

Malaria Reference and Research Reagent Centre

The Malaria Reference and Research Reagent Centre (MR4), the American Type Culture collection, is now the repository for the parasites themselves.