Postdoctoral Researchers

What to do when you arrive

What to do when you arrive

1. Report to your PI, or someone they have nominated to meet with you on your first day.

2. Download the School’s Induction Checklist and work through it with your PI, or someone they nominate.

3. Visit your Institute Secretary's Office so they can check they have your contact details and you have all the local information you need.

4. Come to the next Health & Safety Induction.

5. If you are a visa-holder or need any other information from the Staffing team, for example about your contract, come into the Staffing team office in Mary Bruck 2.1. 

6. Come to the next University Get Connected Day for new research staff if you are new to a postdoc at Edinburgh.

7. Come to the next School Welcome Meeting [you will receive an email invitation within 6 months of your arrival].

8. If you want to, download the Institute for Academic Development’s Reflective Guide, an excellent resource if you want to reflect on your development goals at the start of a new job.