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Moving to Edinburgh

Find out about the School, about Edinburgh, accommodation, travel, schools, childcare, healthcare and banking.

Finding accommodation and finding your way around Edinburgh: 

If you want to live close to the campus it is worth knowing that Biological Sciences is mainly based at King’s Buildings, with the Institute for Stem Cell Research based in the Centre for Regenerative Medicine. Edinburgh is an easy city to get around though if you are living further away from campus.

If you would prefer to flat-share with someone from the department, you can ask your PI to send out an email asking for a room.

Accommodation overview

King's Buildings Location

Centre for Regenerative Medicine Location

Travel and Transport 


About the School of Biological Sciences

We are a large, diverse community and there is lots to find out about our research and history.

About the School



If you are moving here with your family, then you will want to explore information about childcare and schools in Edinburgh.

It is always worth asking private nurseries if they offer a discount on fees to university staff.

Childcare and Schools overview



You may be interested in healthcare options in Edinburgh.



Financial Matters: 

Relocation finances


Bank/Letting Agent Letters

If you need a letter confirming employment details for a bank or rental property, please e-mail your letter request to including the following information:

  • who the letter should be addressed to (e.g. which bank or letting agency)
  • what information you want the letter to contain (e.g. should your salary and/or home address be given, or just confirmation that you work here) 
  • if you have been provided with a template for the letter please attach that to your email