Postdoctoral Researchers

International postdocs

This page provides information about visas and Brexit. You may also find useful information on the Moving to Edinburgh page.


If you are interested in general information about your visa to work and reside in the UK you may find these websites helpful:

University of Edinburgh Visa Help

UK Government Visa Information

If you have a question about your visa/wish to change visa category/need information to support a residency application please contact in the first instance and the Staffing Team will advise you.

If you need a letter with to support an application for a visa for a conference or research visit abroad please: e-mail your letter request to including the following information:

  • who should the letter be addressed to (e.g. which consulate)
  • what information you want the letter to contain (e.g. should your salary and/or home address be given, or just confirmation that you work here?) 
  • if you have been provided with a template for how the letter should be worded please attach it



If you are concerned about Brexit, the University has a regularly updated webpage:

University of Edinburgh Information on Brexit