Postdoctoral Researchers

Teaching experience

As a postdoc you may wish to develop your teaching and supervision experience.

Tutoring on the new Undergraduate First Year

The involvement will allow forming a working relationship with, and mentoring, the same group of students throughout their weekly workshops. Workshops are designed to support students to develop good learning methods and skills for biologists (writing, thinking, coding, researching, reflecting, collaborating and working with biological models, concepts and data), and course staff will lead and oversee each workshop. The experience will provide not only face-to-face student teaching but also an insight into the radically re-designed curriculum and its ethos, and the opportunity to contribute to changes required to improve learning for future first years.

If you are interested please contact:

Heather McQueen


Patrick Walsh


Other Tutoring and Demonstrating Opportunities

There are also opportunities to sign up with BTO as a tutor  or a demonstrator .

Sign up as a tutor

Sign up as a demonstrator


You may also have opportunities to be a supervisor for an undergraduate Honours project, to find out it this is possible you should ask your PI, who can ask the Biology Teaching Organisation or relevant Honours Programme Coordinator.

Supervision experience can also be gained by formally acting as a thesis committee member for one of our research students; if you are interested in doing this please ask your PI.

Teaching Training and Qualifications

There is the opportunity to gain portable teaching qualifications (Associate fellowship or Fellowship of HEA) via the Edinburgh teaching award.

The Edinburgh teaching award (EdTA)

The Edinburgh teaching award (EdTA) is a self-led pathway that is supported by a mentor over a period of 6 months-2 years, submitting a series of reflective blogs as well as information about the development of your teaching via reading/CPD etc, all via Wordpress.

There is also a local network (the biology EdTA network) to support EdTA participants in the School, offering:

  • resources,
  • advice,
  • meetings, and
  • events.

If you are interested please contact:

Heather McQueen



Alternatively, it is possible to learn more about teaching theory and method via taught courses such as the introduction to academic practice and the postgraduate certificate of Academic practice which also lead to Associate fellowship or Fellowship of HEA respectively. 

Introduction to Academic Practice

Postgraduate certificate of Academic practice

Whichever route you prefer you do need current teaching experience on which to base your reflections or assignments.