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Meet the Committee

The following people make up the BioDocSoc committee.

Christine Merrick - Chair

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Christine (IQB3, CEB) has a background in Synthetic Biology approaches to engineering metabolic pathways and enzymes to produce high-value chemicals and intelligent biomaterials, has collaborated with industry, is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, initiated ‘SBS Postdocs’ on Teams, and was an active SULSA ECR representative for 5 years. She is also a member of the SBS Industrial Engagement Committee and has been a visiting member of the Learning and Teaching Committee. 

Anahi Binagui-Casas - Equality, Diversity and Inclusion advocate

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Anahi (ISCR, IRR ) is a developmental biologist and postdoc in Val Wilson’s group, is part of the School’s EDI Advisory Group and was previously a PhD representative for ISCR.

Annegret Honsbein - Teaching advocate

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Annegret (IQB3, CEB) has a broad research background in Plant and Synthetic Biology and is currently working on producing cold-active enzymes in non-model microbial species. Annegret is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and supports MSc and undergraduate courses with teaching activities. She is particularly interested in research-and student-led teaching approaches.

Samer Halabi

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Samer (IIIR) is a PDRA within Jim Kaufman's research group. Samer was trained as a biochemist and structural biologist and has worked on immune system molecules, such as the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) molecules in chickens and rabbits. He is currently studying the evolution of the rabbit MHC molecules in response to Myxoma virus.

Emily Johnston - Researcher Development advocate

emily Johnston headshot

Emily (IQB3, CEB) is a PDRA within Susan Rosser’s research group. Emily has worked with plant and yeast species on projects relating to phytoremediation, metal nanoparticle formation, gene regulation and metabolic engineering. Emily is also a member of the UoE Concordat Implementation Group. 

Adam Mol - Wellbeing advocate

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Adam (IQB3, UK Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology) is the Marie Skłodowska-Curie TRAIN@Ed fellow who develops and applies mammalian synthetic biology tools and methods to unmet needs in basic biology and medicine. Adam is also a member of the School's Mental Health First Aid team, which is trained to offer a confidential and impartial listening ear to all staff and students who need support.

Dan Nussey - Director of Career Development

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Dan is the current Director of Career Development in the School, as well as a Professor of Evolutionary Ecology in the Institue of Ecology and Evolution.

Marcus Price - Innovation advocate

Marcus Price headshot

Marcus (IQB3, CEB) completed his PhD in conjunction with Ingenza Ltd.  developing the tools for CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing in several Bacillus sp. During his PhD, Marcus spent 3 months at TIBCAS in Tianjin, China, forging scientific collaborations. Currently, Marcus, researches RNA polymerases for diagnostic and therapeutic applications and this has led him to regularly liaise with Edinburgh Innovations. Marcus is also a member of the SBS Industrial Engagement Committee. 

Sanjana Ravindran - Secretary

Sanjana Ravindran headshot

Sanjana (IEE) is a PDRA in Hannah Froy’s research group. Sanjana is an evolutionary ecologist interested in life history evolution, ageing and long-term animal population studies.

Lucy Remnant - Sustainability advocate

Lucy Remnant headshot

Lucy (WCB, ICB) is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow conducting research in the Earnshaw lab. As a member of the Susta’ Group, Lucy is driving transformation of lab practices in the Swann Building for improved sustainability. 

Livia Scorza - SULSA advocate

Livia Scorza headshot

Livia (IQB3) is a PDRA working as a data curator in the Biological Research Data Management (BioRDM) team within Andrew Millar’s group. Livia has extensive experience in biological research, working in several collaborative and interdisciplinary projects in the past. Currently she helps to promote Open Science and FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) principles by supporting other researchers with preparing their data for publication and sharing, and integrating research data to boost their reusability.

Lindsey Singleton - Professional guidance

Lindsey Singleton headshot

Lindsey is the SBS Graduate School and Staffing Services Manager in the School, and sits on the commttee to provide advice on professional services matters where necessary.

Kasha Strickland - Outreach advocate

Kasha Strickland headshot

Kasha (IEE) is an evolutionary ecologist whose research generally centres on understanding how evolutionary processes play out in populations of wild animals and, especially, how genomics and ecology interact to shape the trajectories of evolutionarily relevant traits. She has a particular interest in applying these ideas in the context of social evolution, aiming to gain insight into how the interaction between cultural and genetic inheritance influences trait change and social structures. She did her PhD in behavioural ecology in Australia before moving to Iceland to study selection in freshwater stickleback. She now works in Loeske Kruuk's group in IEE at the University of Edinburgh. 

Previous members

Thank you to the following past committee members:

 Alessia Lepore

Bryan Wee

Aranza Diaz Ramos

Toni McHugh

Lucas Frungillo

Sofija Semeniuk

Joanna Koszela

Sujai Kumar

Caroline Proctor

Gail Robertson

Maddy Seale

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