Parasite Immuno-epidemiology Group (P.I.G)

Supporting School Libraries in Zimbabwe

Providing books for community libraries based in schools in Zimbabwe.

Our projects are carried out in rural areas of Zimbabwe. Participants are recruited from the local schools and their corresponding communities.

Although the educational system in Zimbabwe is of a relatively high standard in terms of education and training of teachers and coursework, schools often lack resources to support their pupils. Therefore our research group decided to support these schools in providing reading material.

The idea is to build up small libraries located at the schools, but open also for members of the communities. In 2008 we started to build up libraries in in three primary schools in the Murewa district mostly aimed at primary school children.


We have received many book donations from several people including members of the university of Edinburgh and local libraries in Edinburgh. We are always happy to tell you about our experiences in the school as well as to receive more book donations.


A big thank you to people who have already donated books and stationery!