Loeske Kruuk Group


Evolution in wild animal populations.

Our research focuses on the evolutionary ecology and quantitative genetics of wild animal populations. We aim to understand how both evolutionary processes and environmental conditions result in change over time.

We work on a range of species, mainly using long-term studies of wild vertebrate populations with individual-level field data. Two key aims are to understand the genetic variance of fitness in wild populations, and the impact of current climate change on wild populations.

One of our main study systems is the long-term study of red deer on the Isle of Rum, Scotland. We also work on superb fairy-wrens, eastern grey kangaroos and Tasmanian devils in Australia, spotted hyenas in Tanzania, meerkats in South Africa, Soay sheep on St Kilda, Scotland and bighorn sheep in Canada.

The research is funded by the European Research Council, the Royal Society and NERC.

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