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A photograph of a mossy rock taken with a macro lens

In the Molecular Palaeobotany and Evolution Group (MPEG) led by Dr Sandy Hetherington  our mission is therefore to take an interdisciplinary ‘Molecular Palaeobotany’ approach, combining studies of fossil plants with investigation of developmental and genetic networks in living species to characterise the origin and evolution of key land plant innovations, such as vascular tissue, leaves and roots.

To do this we specialise in the investigation of living and fossil lycophytes and ferns and leverage exceptionally preserved plant fossils, such as the plants preserved in the famous Scottish fossil site the Rhynie chert.

We are very well placed here in the Institute of Molecular Plant Sciences to carry out this research; with the great growth, omics and imaging facilities in the School of Biological Sciences and the brilliant collections of the two project partners, the living collections in the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh and fossil collections in the National Museums of Scotland.

A image of a transverse section through the stem of the fossil plant species Rhynie showing exceptional preservation

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Photograph of the members of the Hetherington lab at Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

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  • Apr 2024: Welcome Anajú to the lab!
  • Feb 2024: Laura publishes her first paper
  • Oct 2023: Sandy awarded Philip Leverhulme Prize
  • Oct 2023: Welcome Erin and Jeremy to the lab
  • Sep 2023: Sannie wins poster prize at PalAss
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