Frungillo Lab


Past and present lab members

Current lab members 

Dr Lucas Frungillo    ORCID

Principal investigator

I am a biologist fascinated by how biochemical information flows between and within cells to coordinate metabolic outputs. I obtained my PhD degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology under the guidance of Prof Ione Salgado in the University of Campinas/Brazil, and in close partnership with Prof Steven Spoel in the University of Edinburgh/UK. From 2015, under the mentorship of Prof Steven Spoel, I carried out my post-doctorate research supported by EMBO-LTF, and BBSRC Discovery Fellowships to study mechanisms of specificity in protein post-translational modifications. In 2022, I was appointed as Lecturer in Plant Biotechnology in the Institute of Molecular Plant Sciences at the University of Edinburgh and established my own research group focused on the identification and synthetic manipulation of regulatory nodes in plant nutrition.


Sam Borrowman

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Sarowar Hosen

PhD student

Adinda Saraswati

MSc student in Biotechnology

Christopher McIntosh

MSc student in Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology

Joe Crudgington

BSc Honours student in Plant Sciences

Lewis Ward

BSc Honours student in Biochemistry


Past lab members

Gussie Terry

BSc Honours student in Biotechnology

Xilin DU

MSc student in Biotechnology

Shaun Viasso

MSc student in Biochemistry

Mateusz Zielinski

BSc Honours student in Biochemistry

Anastasia Sokolidi

Royal Society Summer Student