Evolutionary Biology

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List of all academic, research, technical and administrative staff.

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Evolutionary Biology staff list

  • R = Edinburgh Research Explorer profile
  • V = Research in a Nutshell video

Head of Institute

NameEmail AddressTelephone
SHARP, Paul Prof paul.sharp@ed.ac.uk +44 (0) 131 651 3684

Institute Secretary

NameEmail AddressTelephone
SHIELDS, Roz r.shields@ed.ac.uk +44 (0) 131 650 5464

Building Manager

NameEmail AddressTelephone
SCHAFFNER, Claudia Dr Claudia.Schaffner@ed.ac.uk +44 (0) 131 651 3537

Administrative Staff

NamePositionEmail AddressTelephone

Academic Staff and Principal Investigators

NameResearch InterestEmail
ABREU-GOODGER, Cei Dr cei.abreu@ed.ac.uk
ALEXANDER, Helen Dr evolutionary rescue, antibiotic resistance, mutations Helen.Alexander@ed.ac.uk
BARKER, Daniel Dr Bioinformatics education, phylogeny reconstruction and philosophy of statistics Daniel.Barker@ed.ac.uk R
BELL, Matthew Dr Evolution of social conflict Matt.Bell@ed.ac.uk R
COLEGRAVE, Nick Prof Evolution of adaptation and diversity N.Colegrave@ed.ac.uk R
COLLINS, Sinead Prof Adaptation in complex environments s.collins@ed.ac.uk R V
CUNNINGHAM, Emma Dr Evolutionary and behavioural ecology of reproductive strategies. Life-history evolution in particular, how life history decisions are affected by parasitism and disease. Sexual selection and sexual conflict e.cunningham@ed.ac.uk R
FRENCH, Vernon Dr Vernon.French@ed.ac.uk R
HADFIELD, Jarrod Dr Evolutionary quantitative genetics j.hadfield@ed.ac.uk R
HARTFIELD, Matthew Dr Evolutionary genetics; the interaction between selection and reproduction m.hartfield@ed.ac.uk
JOHNSTON, Susan Dr Quantitative genetics and genomics to understand trait evolution in wild populations Susan.Johnston@ed.ac.uk R
KEIGHTLEY, Peter Prof The evolutionary impact of new mutations. The evolutionary analysis of genome sequences. Complex trait genetics peter.keightley@ed.ac.uk R
KNOTT, Sara Dr Genetics of complex traits s.knott@ed.ac.uk R
LEIGH BROWN, Andrew Prof Genetic variation and evolution of HIV, particularly the evolution of drug resistance A.Leigh-Brown@ed.ac.uk R
LITTLE, Tom Prof The evolutionary implications of parasitism and disease on host populations Tom.Little@ed.ac.uk R V
LOHSE, Konrad Dr Population genomics and speciation Konrad.Lohse@ed.ac.uk R
MARTIN, Simon Dr Evolutionary and population genomics Simon.Martin@ed.ac.uk
MCNALLY, Luke Dr Luke.McNally@ed.ac.uk R
MOORAD, Jacob Dr Evolution of life history, ageing, social structure, and demography. Quantitative genetics Jacob.Moorad@ed.ac.uk R
NUSSEY, Dan Prof Evolutionary ecology and genetics of ageing and phenotypic plasticity dan.nussey@ed.ac.uk R
OBBARD, Darren Dr The evolution of insect viruses and insect immune systems darren.obbard@ed.ac.uk R V
PEDERSEN, Amy Dr The ecology and evolution of infectious diseases; particularly co-infection dynamics in wild mammals and disease emergence Amy.Pedersen@ed.ac.uk V
PEMBERTON, Josephine Prof Using molecular techniques to investigate issues in behaviour, ecology and evolution in natural populations J.Pemberton@ed.ac.uk R
PHILLIMORE, Ally Dr Ecology and evolution on a macro-scale Albert.Phillimore@ed.ac.uk R
RAMBAUT, Andrew Prof Molecular evolution and molecular epidemiology of RNA viruses; Computational techniques in molecular phylogenetics and evolution a.rambaut@ed.ac.uk R
REECE, Sarah Prof What makes a successful parasite Sarah.Reece@ed.ac.uk R
ROSS, Laura Dr Genetic conflict Laura.Ross@ed.ac.uk R
SHARP, Paul Prof Evolution of viruses; evolution of bacterial genomes paul.sharp@ed.ac.uk R
SILVERTOWN, Jonathan Prof Jonathan.Silvertown@ed.ac.uk R
SMISETH, Per Dr Evolution of parental care, parent-offspring conflict, sexual conflict and sibling competition per.t.smiseth@ed.ac.uk R
STONE, Graham Prof Molecular ecology of insect-plant interactions Graham.Stone@ed.ac.uk R V
TWYFORD, Alexander Dr Ecology and evolution of plants Alex.Twyford@ed.ac.uk R
VALE, Pedro Dr Pedro.Vale@ed.ac.uk
WALLING, Craig Dr Evolutionary ecology particularly sexual selection and the maintenance of genetic variation in life history traits craig.walling@ed.ac.uk R
WALSH, Patrick Dr Behavioural ecology and animal cognition: life history responses to environmental factors, and the cognitive requirements of avian nest building. Patrick.Walsh@ed.ac.uk R
WOOLHOUSE, Mark Prof Infectious Disease Epidemiology Mark.Woolhouse@ed.ac.uk V

Honorary and Visiting Staff

NamePositionEmail Address
BARTON, Nicholas Professor Visiting Professor N.Barton@ed.ac.uk
BLAXTER, Mark Professor Honorary Professor Mark.Blaxter@ed.ac.uk
BUNGER, Lutz Dr Honorary Fellow Lutz.Bunger@ed.ac.uk
CHARLESWORTH, Brian Professor Senior Honorary Professorial Fellow brian.charlesworth@ed.ac.uk
CHARLESWORTH, Deborah Professor Senior Honorary Professorial Fellow deborah.charlesworth@ed.ac.uk
DAUNT, Francis Dr Honorary Fellow
ENNOS, Richard Professor Honorary Fellow rennos@ed.ac.uk
HILL, William G Professor Professor Emeritus W.G.Hill@ed.ac.uk
ILLIUS, Andrew Professor Professor Emeritus a.illius@ed.ac.uk
INNES, Lee Dr Honorary Fellow
KRUUK, Loeske Professor Honorary Fellow Loeske.Kruuk@ed.ac.uk
SENN, Helen Dr Honorary Fellow -

Research Staff

NameGroup / PositionEmail
BAIN, Stevie Barker Group / PDRA in Bioinformatics Education Stevie.Bain@ed.ac.uk
BAL, Xavier Nussey Group / Postgraduate Research Assistant Xavier.Bal@ed.ac.uk
BECHER, Hannes Twyford Lab / Postdoctoral Research Associate H.Becher@ed.ac.uk
BERGERO, Roberta Dr Walsh Group / University Teacher R.Bergero@ed.ac.uk R
CHEBIB, Jobran Dr Keightley Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate jobran.chebib@ed.ac.uk
COLQUHOUN, Rachel Rambaut Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate rachel.colquhoun@ed.ac.uk
DORRENS, Jennifer Ross Group / Postgraduate Research Assistant in insect reproductive genetics & epigenetics jennifer.dorrens@ed.ac.uk
GARCIA DE LA FILIA MOLINA, Andres Dr Ross Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate a.gdelafilia@ed.ac.uk
GAUZERE, Julie Dr Pemberton Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate Julie.Gauzere@ed.ac.uk
HALL, Jessica Pedersen Group / Research Assistant jessica.hall@ed.ac.uk
HILL, Verity Rambaut Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate vhill@exseed.ed.ac.uk
HINNERS, Janna Collins Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate Jana.Hinners@ed.ac.uk
HOLLAND, Jacob Dr Reece Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate Jacob.Holland@ed.ac.uk
JACKSON, Benjamin Rambaut Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate Ben.Jackson@ed.ac.uk
JARON, Kamil Ross Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate in Sexual Conflict and Genome Evolution Kamil.Jaron@ed.ac.uk
KIM, Kang-Wook Dr / Postdoctoral Research Associate in Evolutionary Genomics Kang-Wook.Kim@ed.ac.uk
KUTZER, Megan Dr Vale Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate mkutzer@exseed.ed.ac.uk
LAETSCH, Dominik Dr Lohse Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate dominik.laetsch@ed.ac.uk R
LEMON, Hannah Nussey Group / Research Assistant/Lab Manager hlemon@exseed.ed.ac.uk
LOPEZ CORTEGANO, Eugenio Dr Keightley Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate e.lopez-cortegano@ed.ac.uk
MARSHALL, Hollie Ross Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate in Insect Reproduction and Epigenetics Hollie.Marshall@ed.ac.uk
MCCLEAN, Deirdre Dr / Postdoctoral Research Associate Deirdre.McClean@ed.ac.uk
MCCRONE, John Dr Rambaut Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate John.McCrone@ed.ac.uk
MOATT, Joshua Walling Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate josh.moatt@ed.ac.uk
MONGUE, Andrew Ross Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate in Insect Reproduction and Epigenetics amongue@exseed.ed.ac.uk
O'DONNELL, Aidan Reece Group / Research Assistant Aidan.Odonnell@ed.ac.uk R
O'TOOLE, Aine Rambaut Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate aotoole@exseed.ed.ac.uk
PICK, Joel Dr Hadfield Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate joel.pick@ed.ac.uk R
PILKINGTON, Jill Nussey Group / Research Associate J.Pilkington@ed.ac.uk
PLENDERLEITH, Lindsey Dr Sharp Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate Lindsey.Plenderleith@ed.ac.uk R
SAMPLONIUS, Jelmer Dr Phillimore Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate j.m.samplonius@ed.ac.uk R
SCHER, Emily Rambaut Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate escher@exseed.ed.ac.uk
SCHNEIDER, Petra Dr Reece Group / Senior Postdoctoral Research Fellow Petra.Schneider@ed.ac.uk R
SETTER, Derek Dr Lohse Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate derek.setter@ed.ac.uk R
SINCLAIR, Frazer Stone Group / Research Assistant fsincla2@exseed.ed.ac.uk
STOFFEL, Martin Dr Pemberton Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate martin.stoffel@ed.ac.uk
SWEENY, Amy Dr McNally Lab / Postdoctoral Research Associate A.R.Sweeny@ed.ac.uk
THOMSON, Marian / Senior R&D Technologist Marian.Thomson@ed.ac.uk R
VAN BUNNIK, Bram Dr Postdoctoral Research Associate Bram.vanBunnik@ed.ac.uk
WALDRON, Ferghal Dr Obbard Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate Fergal.Waldron@ed.ac.uk
YU, Xiaoyu (Shawn) Dr Rambaut Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate Xiaoyu.Yu@ed.ac.uk

Technical Research Staff

NameGroup / PositionEmail
GARDNER, Jim Sharp Group / Research Technician Jim.Gardner@ed.ac.uk
HEAP, Elizabeth / Sequencing/R&D Technician e.heap@ed.ac.uk
HODGEMAN, Madeline Pedersen Group / Field Assistant mhodgema@exseed.ed.ac.uk
MCNEIL, Paul Dr Obbard Group / Research Technician Paul.McNeil@ed.ac.uk
MEDD, Nathan Dr / Training Manager nathan.medd@ed.ac.uk
MONTEITH, Katy Vale Group / Research Technician kmonteit@exseed.ed.ac.uk R
MORRIS, Alison Pemberton Group / Senior Research Support Technician Ali.Morris@ed.ac.uk
MORRIS, Sean Pemberton Group / Research Support Technician (field based) Sean.Morris@ed.ac.uk
VIEIRA, Ana / Laboratory Support Technician a.vieira@ed.ac.uk
WHAM, Murray / Bioinformatician (Programmer) Murray.Wham@ed.ac.uk

PhD Students

NameGroup / PositionEmail Address
ABU-ELMAKAREM, Hend Sharp Group / PhD Student H.Abu-Elmakarem@sms.ed.ac.uk
BAIRD, Robert Ross Group / PhD Student R.H.B.Baird@sms.ed.ac.uk
BANCROFT, Rowan Pedersen Group / PhD Student R.E.Bancroft@sms.ed.ac.uk
BEYTS, Camilla Walsh Group / PhD Student s1437006@ed.ac.uk
BINSTED, Lucy McNally Lab / PhD Student lucy.binsted@ed.ac.uk
BISSCHOP, Gertjan Lohse Group / PhD Student s1854903@sms.ed.ac.uk
CRAIG, Rory Keightley Group / PhD Student R.J.Craig-2@sms.ed.ac.uk
DALHUISEN, Thomas EpiGroup / PhD Student thomas.dalhuisen@ed.ac.uk
DE QUINTANILHA MANTAS, Maria Barker Group / PhD Student M.J.Mantas@ed.ac.uk
DELABRE, Celine PhD Student C.M.C.Delabre@sms.ed.ac.uk
DELANEY, Kynan Moorad Group / PhD Student kynan.delaney@ed.ac.uk
DELNICKA, Agata Pedersen Group / PhD Student s1532146@ed.ac.uk
DING, Yanqian Twyford Lab / PhD Student Y.Ding-24@sms.ed.ac.uk
EBDON, Sam Lohse Group / PhD Student s1326322@sms.ed.ac.uk
ESHELMAN, Susan Stone Group / PhD Student m.s.e.eshelman@sms.ed.ac.uk
FINZGAR, Domen Ennos Group / PhD Student D.Finzgar@sms.ed.ac.uk
GANAU PENELLA, Francesc Knott Group / PhD Student F.Ganau-Penella@sms.ed.ac.uk
GRAY, Liberty Walling Group / PhD Student L.Gray-10@sms.ed.ac.uk
GRECO, Fiona Cunningham Group / PhD Student s0678598@sms.ed.ac.uk
GUSCOTT, Joe Barker Group / PhD Student joseph.guscott@ed.ac.uk
HERBERT MAINERO, Ale Reece Group / PhD Student A.Herbert-Mainero@sms.ed.ac.uk
HEWETT, Anna Pemberton Group / PhD Student A.M.Hewett@sms.ed.ac.uk
HILL, Verity Rambaut Group / PhD Student s1732989@sms.ed.ac.uk
HILLMAN, Sam Pedersen Group / PhD Student sam.hillman@ed.ac.uk
HODSON, Christina Ross Group / PhD Student C.N.Hodson@sms.ed.ac.uk
HUANG, Wei Pemberton Group / PhD Student S1755246@sms.ed.ac.uk
HUANG, Wu / PhD Student W.Huang-24@sms.ed.ac.uk
JAMES, Caelinn Knott Group / PhD Student c.james-5@sms.ed.ac.uk
JAMES, Eleanor Ennos Group / PhD Student s1537023@sms.ed.ac.uk
KING, Jessica Hadfield Group / PhD Student s1565739@sms.ed.ac.uk
KUYATEH, Oumie Obbard Group / PhD Student s1790958@ed.ac.uk
LAFONT, Pierre / PhD Student P.D.M.Lafont@sms.ed.ac.uk
LAMBERT, Georgia Smiseth Group / PhD Student s2122175@sms.ed.ac.uk
LANSCH-JUSTEN, Lucy / PhD Student l.lansch-justen@sms.ed.ac.uk
LINDBERG, Rasmus Collins Group / PhD Student R.T.N.Lindberg@sms.ed.ac.uk
LU, Meng Twyford Lab / PhD Student m.lu-17@sms.ed.ac.uk
MACKINTOSH, Alexander Lohse Group / PhD Student A.J.F.MACKINTOSH@sms.ed.ac.uk
MACPHIE, Kirsty Phillimore Group / PhD Student K.H.MacPhie@sms.ed.ac.uk
MAIER, Leonie McNally Lab / PhD Student l.maier@ed.ac.uk
MARTIN, Edward Barker Group / PhD Student E.J.Martin@sms.ed.ac.uk
MCAULEY, John Johnston Group / PhD Student J.B.McAuley@sms.ed.ac.uk
MCCORMACK, Koorosh Stone Group / PhD Student s1691387@sms.ed.ac.uk
MORGAN, Alex EpiGroup / PhD Student s1678248@sms.ed.ac.uk
MORRIS, Alexandra PhD Student A.M.M.Morris@sms.ed.ac.uk
O'TOOLE, Aine Niamh Rambaut Group / PhD Student aine.otoole@ed.ac.uk
OKE, Catherine Reece Group / PhD Student Catherine.Oke@ed.ac.uk
OWOLABI, Aliz Reece Group / PhD Student aliz.owolabi@ed.ac.uk
PATMORE, Casey Smiseth Group / PhD Student c.patmore@sms.ed.ac.uk
PETERS, Lucy Pemberton Group / PhD Student Lucy.Peters@ed.ac.uk
PRAKASH, Arun Vale Group / PhD Student s1581888@ed.ac.uk
PUJOL HODGE, Emma Leigh-Brown Group / PhD Student emma.pujol-hodge@ed.ac.uk
RANAVAT, Surabhi Twyford Lab / PhD Student S.Ranavat@sms.ed.ac.uk
RATZ, Tom Smiseth Group / PhD Student T.Ratz@sms.ed.ac.uk
RAVENSWATER, Hannah Cunningham Group / PhD Student Hannah.Ravenswater@ed.ac.uk
RAVINDRAN, Sanjana Nussey Group / PhD Student Sanjana.Ravindran@ed.ac.uk
RICHARDSON, Jon Smiseth Group / PhD Student J.E.Richardson-5@sms.ed.ac.uk
SAVOLA, Eevi Walling Group / PhD Student E.A.K.Savola@sms.ed.ac.uk
SCHMIDLECHNER, Tommy McNally Lab / PhD Student s1451723@sms.ed.ac.uk
SHIELS, Dwayne PhD Student s1247473@sms.ed.ac.uk
SIMONET, Camille Cunningham Group / PhD Student C.Simonet@sms.ed.ac.uk
VENKATESAN, Saudamini Pedersen Group / PhD Student S.Venkatesan@sms.ed.ac.uk
WALLACE, Megan Obbard Group / PhD Student M.A.Wallace-5@sms.ed.ac.uk
WEIR, Jamie Phillimore Group / PhD Student Jamie.Weir@ed.ac.uk
WESTWOOD, Mary Reece Group / PhD Student Mary.Westwood@ed.ac.uk