Evolutionary Biology


Ashworth laboratories and IEB are home to the Gene Pool sequencing service and an associated bioinformatics support service, as well as an amazing natural history collection.

Edinburgh Genomics

Genepool bioinformatics support
  • UK’s largest open-access sequencing facility
  • Offers support from conception to publication
  • Provide design advice
  • A range of NGS library preparations
  • Next Generation sequencing on latest Illumina®, PacBio® and Oxford Nanopore machines, plus sanger dideoxy sequencing, using AB3730 instruments
  • Bioinformatics analyses using dedicated high performance computing, and depth interpretation platforms. We are happy to offer 'bioinformatics only' collaborations or consulations.
  • Introductory to advanced level training in genomics and bioinformatics
  • Edinburgh Genomics Clinical (EGC) division based at the Roslin Institute specialises in providing whole genome sequencing (WGS) by means of a fully automated workfow


Edinburgh Genomics Facility

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NextGen Bioinformatics Journal Club

We hold a weekly NextGen Bioinformatics Journal Club where we discuss recent papers and software, with a particular focus on understanding algorithms and tools for large scale analyses. If you want to be put on the mailing list for this meeting, please contact us.

Bioinformatician Stephen Bridgett

  • NextGen Bioinformactics Journal Club

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Next Generation Bioinformatics User Group

We also coordinate the Next Generation Bioinformatics User Group, a Scotland-wide, bimonthly gathering where bioinformaticians across the area meet, present their work, listen to invited speakers and discuss issues and solutions. The meetings rotate round the Scottish universities. NextGenBUG also sponsors workshops on related topics such as genome assembly: these happen about every six months to coincide with NextGenBUG meetings.


Ashworth Bioinformatics Support Service

The Ashworth Bioinformatics Support Service provides advice, training, software and bespoke support for researchers in Evolutionary Biology and Immunology & Infection Research and the Centre for Immunity, Infection and Evolution. We provide advice on the best bioinformatics tools, bioinformatics skills training such as courses on the R programming language, and software licences for common packages such as Sequencher and Geneious. We are also able to provide bespoke support for particular projects, assisting with experimental design and bioinformatics analysis. Full details can be found on our website.

Ashworth bioinformatics support

Ashworth Bioinformatics Support

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