Biological Sciences

Staff Survey 2020 – Impacts of Covid-19 Disruptions

Explore the initial staff survey results, impacts of Covid-19 disruptions.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption in all parts of life in 2020. The School of Biological Sciences wanted to understand the current and anticipated impacts on our staff so we could plan how to support them better.

About the Survey

  • The survey ran for the month of July 2020.
  • 241 responses were received, accounting for 40% of the School staff population.
  • 59% were women, 36% were men and 5% identified another way or preferred not to share their gender.
  • 59% were academic staff and 41% were professional services or those in technical roles.


You are invited to explore the survey results in more detail through the four key themes represented by the boxes below.

In 2021, the School will re-run a similar survey in order to compare anticipated issues with what took place in the latter part of the year.

Working in University Premises During/After Lockdown