Ecology and Evolution

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List of all academic, research, technical and administrative staff.

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Evolutionary Biology staff list

  • R = Edinburgh Research Explorer profile
  • V = Research in a Nutshell video

Head of Institute

NameEmail AddressTelephone
COLEGRAVE, Nick Prof +44 (0) 131 650 7705

Institute Secretary

NameEmail AddressTelephone
SHIELDS, Roz +44 (0) 131 650 5464

Building Manager

NameEmail AddressTelephone
GIBSON, Steve +44 (0) 131 650 8691

Administrative Staff

NamePositionEmail AddressTelephone
BEAL, Phoebe Research Assistant +44 (0) 131 650 1000
RAVENSWATER, Hannah ACE Communications Officer +44 (0) 131 650 1000

Academic Staff and Principal Investigators

NameResearch InterestEmail
ALEXANDER, Helen Dr evolutionary rescue, infectious disease dynamics, antibiotic resistance, mutations
BARKER, Daniel Dr Bioinformatics, education and public engagement, phylogeny, sonification, philosophy of science R
BELL, Matthew Dr Evolution of social conflict R
COLEGRAVE, Nick Prof Evolution of adaptation and diversity R
COLLINS, Sinead Prof Adaptation in complex environments R V
CUNNINGHAM, Emma Dr Evolutionary and behavioural ecology of reproductive strategies. Life-history evolution in particular, how life history decisions are affected by parasitism and disease. Sexual selection and sexual conflict R
FRENCH, Vernon Dr R
FROY, Hannah Dr
HADFIELD, Jarrod Dr Evolutionary quantitative genetics R
HARTFIELD, Matthew Dr Evolutionary genetics; the interaction between selection and reproduction
HELGASON, Thorunn Prof
JOHNSTON, Susan Dr Quantitative genetics and genomics to understand trait evolution in wild populations R
KEIGHTLEY, Peter Prof The evolutionary impact of new mutations. The evolutionary analysis of genome sequences. Complex trait genetics R
KNOTT, Sara Dr Genetics of complex traits R
KRUUK, Loeske Prof Evolutionary ecology of wild animal populations
LATOMBE, Guillaume Dr
LEIGH BROWN, Andrew Prof Genetic variation and evolution of HIV, particularly the evolution of drug resistance R
LITTLE, Tom Prof The evolutionary implications of parasitism and disease on host populations R V
LOHSE, Konrad Dr Population genomics and speciation R
MARTIN, Simon Dr Evolutionary and population genomics
MOORAD, Jacob Dr Evolution of life history, ageing, social structure, and demography. Quantitative genetics R
NUSSEY, Dan Prof Evolutionary ecology and genetics of ageing and phenotypic plasticity R
OBBARD, Darren Dr The evolution of insect viruses and insect immune systems R V
PEDERSEN, Amy Dr The ecology and evolution of infectious diseases; particularly co-infection dynamics in wild mammals and disease emergence V
PEMBERTON, Josephine Prof Using molecular techniques to investigate issues in behaviour, ecology and evolution in natural populations R
PHILLIMORE, Ally Dr Ecology and evolution on a macro-scale R
RAMBAUT, Andrew Prof Molecular evolution and molecular epidemiology of RNA viruses; Computational techniques in molecular phylogenetics and evolution R
REECE, Sarah Prof What makes a successful parasite R
ROSS, Laura Dr Genetic conflict R
SHARP, Paul Prof Evolution of viruses; evolution of bacterial genomes R
SILVERTOWN, Jonathan Prof R
SMISETH, Per Dr Evolution of parental care, parent-offspring conflict, sexual conflict and sibling competition R
STONE, Graham Prof Molecular ecology of insect-plant interactions R V
TWYFORD, Alexander Dr Ecology and evolution of plants R
VALE, Pedro Dr
WALLING, Craig Dr Evolutionary ecology particularly sexual selection and the maintenance of genetic variation in life history traits R
WALSH, Patrick Dr Behavioural ecology and animal cognition: life history responses to environmental factors, and the cognitive requirements of avian nest building. R
WOOLHOUSE, Mark Prof Infectious Disease Epidemiology V

Honorary and Visiting Staff

NamePositionEmail Address
BARTON, Nicholas Professor Visiting Professor
BLAXTER, Mark Professor Honorary Professor
BUNGER, Lutz Dr Honorary Fellow
CHARLESWORTH, Brian Professor Senior Honorary Professorial Fellow
CHARLESWORTH, Deborah Professor Senior Honorary Professorial Fellow
DAUNT, Francis Dr Honorary Fellow
DE-KAYNE, Rishi Dr Honorary/Visitor staff
ENNOS, Richard Professor Honorary Professorial Fellow
EVANS, Mike PhD Student
ILLIUS, Andrew Professor Professor Emeritus
INNES, Lee Dr Honorary Fellow
SENN, Helen Dr Honorary Fellow -

Research Staff

NameGroup / PositionEmail
ANSLEY, Corey Rambaut Group / Research Assistant
BAL, Xavier Nussey Group / Postgraduate Research Assistant
CAMPOS-DOMINGUEZ, Lucia Dr Twyford Lab / Postdoctoral Research Associate
CHEBIB, Jobran Dr Keightley Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate
COLQUHOUN, Rachel Rambaut Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate
HERBETTE, Marion Dr Ross Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate
HOLLAND, Jacob Dr Reece Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate
JACKSON, Benjamin Rambaut Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate
KUTZER, Megan Dr Vale Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate
LAETSCH, Dominik Dr Lohse Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate R
LEMON, Hannah Nussey Group / Research Assistant/Lab Manager
LINTON, Eleanor Ross Group / Research Assistant
LOPEZ CORTEGANO, Eugenio Dr Keightley Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate
MALONEY, Daniel Rambaut Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate
MCKENNA-ELL, Chris Reece Group / Research Assistant
MONGUE, Andrew Ross Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate in Insect Reproduction and Epigenetics
O'DONNELL, Aidan Reece Group / Research Assistant R
O'TOOLE, Aine Rambaut Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate
PILKINGTON, Jill Nussey Group / Research Associate
SCHNEIDER, Petra Dr Reece Group / Senior Postdoctoral Research Fellow R
SETTER, Derek Dr Lohse Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate R
SINCLAIR, Frazer Stone Group / Research Assistant
STOFFEL, Martin Dr Pemberton Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate
TANG, Chang-Ti Dr Stone Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate
TAYLOR-JOYCE, Grace Alexander Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate
WANG, Yiguan Dr Obbard Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate
YU, Xiaoyu (Shawn) Dr Rambaut Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate

Technical Research Staff

NameGroup / PositionEmail
CASANOVA PAGOLA, Julia Vale Group / Research Technician
DELAINE, Tantely / Research Technician
MONTEITH, Katy Vale Group / Postgraduate Research Assistant R
MORRIS, Alison Pemberton Group / Senior Research Support Technician
MORRIS, Sean Pemberton Group / Research Support Technician (field based)
NEWMAN, Dhobasheni Obbard Group / Research Technician
ZAWISTOWSKA, Olga Obbard Group / Research Technician

PhD Students

NameGroup / PositionEmail Address
ABU-ELMAKAREM, Hend Sharp Group / PhD Student
BAIRD, Robert Ross Group / PhD Student
BANCROFT, Rowan Pedersen Group / PhD Student
BINSTED, Lucy McNally Lab / PhD Student
BISSCHOP, Gertjan Lohse Group / PhD Student
CROWSON, Daisy Ennos Group / PhD Student
DALHUISEN, Thomas EpiGroup / PhD Student
DE QUINTANILHA MANTAS, Maria Barker Group / PhD Student
DELANEY, Kynan Moorad Group / PhD Student
DELNICKA, Agata Pedersen Group / PhD Student
DHAKAD, Pankaj Obbard Group / PhD Student
DING, Yanqian Twyford Lab / PhD Student
EBDON, Sam Lohse Group / PhD Student
ESHELMAN, Susan Stone Group / PhD Student
FINZGAR, Domen Ennos Group / PhD Student
GRAHAM, Chay / PhD Student
GRAY, Liberty Walling Group / PhD Student
GRECO, Fiona Cunningham Group / PhD Student
GROSSE-SOMMER, Julie Hadfield Group / PhD Student
GUSCOTT, Joe Barker Group / PhD Student
HERBERT MAINERO, Ale Reece Group / PhD Student
HEWETT, Anna Pemberton Group / PhD Student
HILLMAN, Sam Pedersen Group / PhD Student
HUANG, Wu / PhD Student
JAMES, Caelinn Knott Group / PhD Student
JAMES, Eleanor Ennos Group / PhD Student
KING, Jessica Hadfield Group / PhD Student
KUYATEH, Oumie Obbard Group / PhD Student
LAFONT, Pierre Alexander Group / PhD Student
LAMBERT, Georgia Smiseth Group / PhD Student
LANSCH-JUSTEN, Lucy Alexander Group / PhD Student
LONERO, Ilaria Phillimore Group / PhD Student
LOVELL, Rebecca Phillimore Group / PhD Student
LU, Meng Twyford Lab / PhD Student
MACKINTOSH, Alexander Lohse Group / PhD Student
MACPHIE, Kirsty Phillimore Group / PhD Student
MAIER, Leonie McNally Lab / PhD Student
MARTIN, Edward Barker Group / PhD Student
MARTINEZ, Isaac / PhD Student
MCAULEY, John Johnston Group / PhD Student
MCCORMACK, Koorosh Stone Group / PhD Student
MORGAN, Alex EpiGroup / PhD Student
OKE, Catherine Reece Group / PhD Student
OWOLABI, Aliz Reece Group / PhD Student
PATMORE, Casey Smiseth Group / PhD Student
PRYBYLA, Alixandra / PhD Student
PUJOL HODGE, Emma Leigh-Brown Group / PhD Student
RAVENSWATER, Hannah Cunningham Group / PhD Student
RAVINDRAN, Sanjana Nussey Group / PhD Student
SCHMIDLECHNER, Tommy McNally Lab / PhD Student
SHIELS, Dwayne PhD Student
STAMP, Megan Phillimore Group / PhD Student
THORNHILL, Phoebe Vale Group / PhD Student
VILLAGRANA PACHECO , Yenetzi / PhD Student
WADHAWAN, Kiran Alexander Group / PhD Student
WEIR, Jamie Phillimore Group / PhD Student