Biological Sciences

Industry Masterclasses

The skills school focuses entirely on the Industry Skills Masterclasses.

Masterclasses are tailored to meet industry-identified skills gaps in the Bioscience/Biotechnology, Leading Edge Healthcare and Accelerating Therapeutics sectors. Five industry skills masterclasses, each providing tailored training in industry approaches and practices to small groups of PhD students and postdocs, chosen by competitive application. 

The goal is to familiarise PhD students and postdocs with the opportunities, standards and practice in a bio-industry sector related to their research or career ambitions.  


RoslinCT facility

Each Masterclass will cover one of five areas:

  • Fermentation and Downstream Processing
  • Drug Discovery - Classical Target-Based 
  • Drug Discovery - Phenotypic Screening
  • Synthetic Biology
  • cGMP-level Manufacturing including Cell-Based Products


Masterclasses are industry-led from design to delivery:

  • Each include the active participation of multiple companies
  • A half-day taught primer ensures participants can maximise the benefits
  • A day of hands-on training at the facility
  • Focused discussion of emerging industry practices, challenges and career opportunities