Biology Teaching Organisation

Key contacts

Key Biology Teaching Organisation contacts

Covid-19 update

Please be aware that most of the team are now working remotely. If you need to get in contact, please use the appropriate email address below.

BTO Reception and Student Support


 BTO Reception Desk   

 0131 650 8649

 Student Support

 0131 650 8649 



The BTO is normally open from 09:00 to 17:00 on weekdays.

BTO Student Support Team

Teaching Administration and Recruitment


 Director of Teaching

 Dr Patrick Walsh

 0131 650 5520  


 Academic Administrator

 Dr Ann Haley

 0131 650 5538

 Oversees UG and PGT Student Administration, Student Recruitment and Experience team, Student Support, Technical Team

 Recruitment and Employability Manager  Holly Robertson-Dick  0131 650 5352  Student Employability, Student Recruitment and Induction, Internationalisation, MSc projects, Exchange Coordinator

 Undergraduate Recruitment Officer

 Rona Lindsay

 0131 650 5528

 UG Recruitment, Open Days, Offer Holder Days

 Student Experience Officer  Vacancy  0131 650 5510    Student Experience, EIA2, Student Staff Liaison Coordinator

Projects & Enhancements Officer

 Louise Hann

 0131 650 7481

 New Curriculum Project, Demonstrators and Tutors, TGP2, EEP3

 Undergraduate Manager

 Caroline Aspinwall

 0131 650 5521

 Undergraduate Programmes, Study Guides, MGC1

 Taught Postgraduate Manager

 Claire Black

 0131 650 8637

 Postgraduate Programmes, MSc DDTB, MSc BTP

 Taught Programmes Marketing Officer

 Andrea Nichol

 0131 650 8643

 PGT Marketing, MSc Biochemistry, MSc Biotechnology, PGT SSLC

 Programme Administrator

 Jennie Morris

 0131 650 5513


 Teaching Administrator

Karen Sutherland

 0131 651 3404

 ODL1, BEE1, MSc SBB, 1st Year Special Circs, 1st Year BOE, Progression into Year 2

 Teaching Administrator


 0131 651 7502


 TDC2, MolMic3, DevBiol3

 Teaching Administrator

 Tim MacDonald

 0131 650 5454

 AnBi2, Imm3, ADE3, Immunology Sen Honours, Progression into Years 3 and 4

 Teaching Administrator

 Edward Lithgow

 0131 650 8638

 QSB1, Biotech 3, Biotech Sen Honours, Senior Honours Elective Guide, 3rd Year Special Circs, 3rd Year BOE

 Teaching Administrator

 Edward Dewhirst

 0131  650 7376

 APB3, SFP3, MCB3, FZoo3, 2nd year Special Circs

 Teaching Administrator

 Rachel Law

 0131 651 3689

 Zoology, Evolutionary Biology and Ecology Senior Honours, Senior Honours Electives

 Teaching Administrator

 Alexandra Vasepuru 

 0131 650 5454  

 EEG3, PaBi3, PGen3, BEEC3

 Teaching Administrator

 Louise Robertson

 0131 650 5988

 Biochemistry and Plant Science Senior Honours, MSc Bioinformatics, 4th Year Special Circs

 Teaching Administrator

 Carolyn Wilson

 0131 650 8651

 GGA2, TMW2, MoG3, Dev, Reg. and Stem Cells Sen. Honours,  2nd year BOE secretary

 Teaching Administrator

 Donna Wright

 0131 651 7051

 Cell Biol, Mol. Biol, Genetics and Mol. Genetics Senior Honours, Room Bookings, Tier 4 Monitoring


Technicians and E-learning Support


 Technical Support Manager

 Dr David Hills

 0131 650 7196

 Technicians, Laboratories 

 MSc Technical Support Officer 

 Dr Heather Barker 

 0131 651 3539

 Peter Wilson Laboratory

 Teaching Lab Technician  Natalie Kermack  0131 650 5461  Ashworth Teaching Laboratory
 Teaching Lab Technician  Susan Forbes  0131 650 5550  Daniel Rutherford Teaching Laboratory
 Teaching Lab Technician  Alan Isbister  0131 650 5375  JCMB Teaching Laboratory

 E-Learning Support

 Mr David Barrass

 0131 651 7090


 E-Learning Project Officer

 Dr Linda Hu

 0131 651 7091