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Requesting to transfer degree programme

Information for students wishing to transfer degree programme

This page provides information for students from other Schools who want to apply for transfer into the School of Biological Sciences (SBS) and for current Biological Sciences students who wish to transfer from SBS to another School within the university. Students who wish to transfer undergraduate degree programme should first contact their Personal Tutor or their Student Support Team for advice and guidance.

Transferring into the School of Biological Sciences (SBS)

To transfer into SBS on a Biological Sciences degree pathway, a number of conditions must be fulfilled:

  1. You must be in good academic standing with the university. This means you must have passed all courses on your current programme of study.  
  2. You must satisfy the entry requirements for Biological Sciences degrees for the year you started studying at the University.
    • For entry in to Year 1 you must satisfy typical entry requirements for the year you would be entering the degree e.g. 2020 entry. As a guide, typical offer and minimum entry requirements are published on the University’s degree finder website.  
    • For entry in to Year 2 you must satisfy the Year 1 entry requirements AND you must have completed and passed our two compulsory year 1 courses - Origin and Diversity of Life 1 (BILG08001) and Molecules, Genes and Cells 1 (BILG08015). If you do not satisfy this condition, SBS will require you to make good the void by doing a comprehension exercise on the Learn sites for the missing courses. Please note, Introduction to Business (BUST08026) is an additional required course for progression into year 2 of a Biological Sciences with Management degree pathway.  
    • For entry in to Year 3 or 4 you must satisfy the Year 2 entry requirements AND you must also have passed any later-year courses that are required for your chosen Honours programme(s).  
  3. SBS must have capacity to teach you.

Students wishing to discuss a transfer into the School of Biological Sciences should complete our transfer request form and return to closing date for receiving applications for transfer to commence studies in our School for the next academic year is 31st May. Only in exceptional circumstances will transfer requests be considered past this deadline. There is no guarantee that transfer requests will be successful as demand for places varies from year to year. Final decisions on transfer requests may not be made until all results are announced for the current academic year.

Transferring from Biological Sciences to elsewhere

Students wishing to transfer from Biological Sciences to a different degree programme in a different School and/or College should contact the Teaching Organisation of the School which administers the programme for advice and information.

For example:

Biomedical Sciences

School of GeoSciences

Student loans and finance implications

Students are responsible for contacting their loan authorities (usually SAAS, LEA or ELB) in advance of any change. Students must not assume that the loan will continue automatically.

International students

International (Tier 4) students seeking a transfer are advised to contact the International Student Advisory Service to ensure there are no implications for their visa.

International Student Advisory Service