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Degree information

Degree information

The Degree Regulations and Programmes of Study (DRPS) website is the University’s definitive record of degree programme and course information which govern a student’s academic career. 

To see the full structure of our degrees through viewing our Degree Programme Tables (DPTs), use the Degree Regulations and Programmes of Study (DRPS) website; selecting the correct academic year and then selecting 'Browse Degree Programme Tables (DPTs)' which can be found under the Degree Programmes heading on the Index Page. The School of Biological Sciences DPTs can be found within the College of Science and Engineering. You can find out more about the courses taken within our programmes through selecting the programme name. The 'DPS' icon next to each programme name will provide information on the Degree Programme Specification. Courses within programmes for future academic years have not been finalised yet and are subject to change.

Degree Regulations and Programmes of Study (DRPS)

Information on exit qualifications

Exit qualifications