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Year-long opportunities

Year-long opportunities

The School of Biological Sciences encourages students to apply for and undertake year-long work experience placements during their academic studies. Those that apply for and successfully secure a placement would take an interruption of studies for a period of up to 12 months. An important point to note is that any placement year undertaken as part of an interruption of studies, does not contribute towards the final degree classification.

Year-long industrial placements are generally advertised by employers for the attention of students who are in their penultimate year at university.  Those that apply for and successfully secure a placement would take an interruption of studies after their third (Junior Honours) year of their degree for a period of 12 months. The student would return to the University of Edinburgh to complete their fourth (Senior Honours) year after their placement has ended.

Why consider undertaking a placement?

Employers seek a diverse range of skills and experience in the graduates they employ. They look beyond the knowledge gained through the university degree programme and look for graduates who can demonstrate many ‘transferable skills’ such as communication, team working, time management and organisation. A placement offers the opportunity for students to gain demonstratable experience and skills. 

Finding a Placement

Have a look at the Careers Service website dedicated to offering advice on looking for work. Some current opportunities may also be advertised on our Undergraduate Intranet. If you see a placement that you would really like to do, draft a CV and anything else the application asks for. Before you submit your application, make an appointment to see Rachel Taylor from the Careers Service to get some feedback on your application. Rachel can also provide support if you are invited for interview(s). If you are successful at finding a placement, inform your Personal Tutor and the Biology Teaching Organisation so that we can advise you on the processes of applying for an interruption of studies.

Looking for work

Contact Rachel Taylor

Undergraduate Intranet year-long opportunities

Go Abroad

If you are interested in international opportunities, have a look at the information on the University's Go Abroad website.

Go Abroad

International students on a Tier 4 visa

Students on a Tier 4 visa should seek advice on applying for industrial placements from the Student Immigration Service because taking an Interruption of Studies will have implications on your visa.

Student Immigration Service