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Vacation opportunities

Useful advice for finding opportunities during your vacations

Work experience

My CareerHub is exclusively for current students and recent graduates of the University of Edinburgh. If you are looking for vacation opportunities, it's worthwhile to keep checking all the internships advertised on MyCareerHub.


As well as looking at opportunities advertised on MyCareerHub, the following information has been collated by the Careers Service to help Biological Sciences students find work experience, both in research and in industry.

Work experience for Biological Sciences students

Employ.ed on Campus

The Careers Service also runs the Employ.ed on Campus programme for 2nd to penultimate year undergraduate students. This programme offers paid summer internship opportunities to students. Roles are available across various Schools and departments, and interns have the opportunity to complete an Edinburgh Award as part of the programme. The opportunities are advertised through MyCareerHub in February each year.

Employ.ed on Campus

Deciding what to do

Any experience is good. Find out more about vacation opportunities through the Careers Service.

Looking for work

Funding opportunities

Information on travel funds 

College of Science and Engineering Travel Awards

School of Biological Sciences funds

Davis Expedition Fund

James Rennie Bequest

Peter Marsh Prize


If you are interested in volunteering opportunities, check out the Volunteering Service. 

Volunteering Service

Go Abroad

If you are interested in international opportunities, have a look at the information on the University's Go Abroad website.

Go Abroad