Biology Teaching Organisation

Message from the Director of Teaching

Message from our Director of Teaching

Welcome to the University of Edinburgh!

Dr Patrick Walsh, Biological Sciences Director of Teaching

You have made an excellent choice by coming to Edinburgh to study. At the University of Edinburgh, not only will you be learning about your chosen subject from internationally renowned experts in those same fields, but also encountering a wide variety of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. By the end of your degree, through your efforts, you will be a highly skilled biologists; even generating new knowledge at the frontiers of your subject.

There are some things to keep in mind during your journey through the University:

  1. The main aim is to learn how to learn – to develop the problem solving skills that will allow you to succeed in any endeavour.
  2. Your efforts will determine the value you get from your time at University: be bold! 
  3. Take advantage of the social and extracurricular activities that are on offer – they will provide you with a distinctive and desirable CV, and allow you to build life-long personal and professional relationships.
  4. You are allowed (and encouraged) to make mistakes – remain positive about your efforts (even when unsuccessful) and reflect on how you can improve and/or progress.
  5. Make choices for positive reasons (i.e. for the benefits it offers), rather than for negative reasons (i.e. choosing something to avoid something unpleasant).

Our students make life-changing impacts on the world. You are one of them, and it will happen naturally if you strive. We look forward to our opportunity to support you and facilitate your development during this time.

Dr Patrick Walsh,

Director of Teaching