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Our Centre has a wealth of expertise and the state-of-the-art equipment needed to accelerate the 'desing-build-test-learn' paradigm of biological engineering. You can explore what is offered through the relevant facility webpages.  All our facilities are open for business, so please contact the relevant manager to discuss your needs.

Not quite what you need? Then check here for a more complete list of facilities available from the School of Biological Sciences. 


Edinburgh Genome Foundry The world’s largest automated DNA assembly platform. We can help you design and plan your next high-throughput project, using our expertise in lab automation, DNA assembly and cloning strategies.
EdinOmics A resource for high-end quantitative and qualitative proteomics and metabolomics research to probe cellular components to gain insights of underlying mechanisms that lead to biologically observed phenotypes
Laser Enabled Analysis and Processing (LEAP) High-throughput imaging of live cells in-situ with laser-mediated cell processing capabilities.
Microscopy A range of novel microscopy and image processing techniques including bespoke microfluidics, confocal microscopy (OperaTM system), optical imaging and cryo/electron microscopy.
Plant Growth Facilities Tissue culture and biological containment, controlled growth environments and plant stem cell cultures.
Research Data Management 

Innovative data analysis combined with mechanistic modelling, network theory and robust data management.