Centre for Engineering Biology

Our Research

We explore all aspects of synthetic and systems biology in the broad thematic areas outlined below

Engineering biology is the application of (rigorous) engineering principles to the design and fabrication of biological components and systems, from modifications of natural systems to new forms of artificial biology. It encompasses the entire innovation ecosystem, from breakthrough synthetic biology research to translation and application.


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Mammalian Engineering Biology

Synthetic biology is being applied to gain insight into human health and disease and to transform medicine and healthcare.

Circular Bioeconomy

Synthetic and systems biology can help create more sustainable solutions to our planet's challenges.

Microbial Systems and AMR

Understanding how living systems work is essential if we are to better understand how cells function and why diseases occur.

Automation and Robotics

Low-cost automation tools, enhanced with the power of artificial intelligence and data-sharing protocols, can revolutionize biological research and development.

Cellular Agritechnology

We can engineer plant cells to create greener and more sustainable platforms for manufacturing chemicals.

Systems Modelling

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Models enable us to make sense of complex systems and to predict how they will behave in differing environments.

Responsible Research and Innovation

The engineering of mammalian systems, bringing together research in synthetic biology, epigenetics and stem cells, opens up novel questions for social scientific research and provides a unique opportunity to further the development of the concept of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI).

Bio-based Manufacturing in Space

Can biology help us build towards a sustainable future for humans in space.