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Built with Biology 2022

1900 investors, innovators, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs and academics in one place

Biopolis: Writers and scientists re-imagine the cities of the future

Alessia Lepore reflects on her experience of an artistic collaboration with a writer in exploring future cities.

Could microbes be our smallest collaborators in biotechnology?

Microbes are more than tiny machines. Let’s see what we might learn from them, and even what we might accomplish together.

Crossing kingdoms, disciplines and continents

What can art, STS and synthetic biology do together? 

Biodesign Challenge 2017

An insider view of the biodesign challenge

Building Human Artificial Chromosomes on the other side of the world

A research exchange to Japan brought unexpected benefits

What can synbio do for next-generation biologics?

Synthetic biology offers a bonus for biologics

Biosafety on earth and beyond

A review of the biosafety issues arising from synthetic biology

Automation, expectations, and laboratory work. A robot in every lab?

The impact of automation and robots in our labs

You can’t beat the benefits of a face-to-face

The benefits of meeting personally