Centre for Engineering Biology

Engineering Biology R&D Awards

£13.5 million was recently announced for 48 engineering biology R&D projects

The funding is provided by UKRI Technology Missions Fund and delivered by Innovate UK.

Several of the academic leads are centre members and based in the school of Biological Sciences at The University of Edinburgh. Congratulations to all recipients.

Projects Include:


P.A.I.N.T.S (production of alternative, innovative and natural-based technologies for styrene)

Project lead: Crown Paints Limited

Theme: clean growth

PI Stephen Wallace

Continuous oscillating baffled reactor-with-biocatalysts-for accelerated-reactions (COBRA)

Project lead: Impact Laboratories Limited

Theme: environmental solutions

PI Stephen Wallace

Engineering cyanobacteria into bio-solar cell factories for scalable carbon capture utilisation and storage

 Project lead: Cyanocapture Limited

  Theme: environmental solutions

  PI Alistair McCormick


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