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Stephen Wallace awarded 2023 Colworth Medal

Congratulations to Dr Stephen Wallace as the 2023 recipient of The Colworth Medal in the Biochemical Society's Awards

SynthSys member Dr Stephen Wallace is a Future Leaders Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Biotechnology in the School of Biological Sciences. 

Dr Stephen Wallace Colworth medal winner

Stephen's research is multidisciplinary and pioneers the use of chemistry and synthetic biology to create ‘microbial cell factories’ capable of converting sustainable feedstocks (e.g. CO2, sugar and waste material) into value-added chemicals (e.g. pharmaceuticals, flavours and fragrances).

Twelve bioscientists and early career researchers have been honoured in the Biochemical Society’s Awards 2023. These Awards recognize the incredible community of researchers and academics that are dedicated to understanding biology at a molecular and cellular level.

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