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Prof Andrew Goryachev awarded BBSRC-NSF/BIO grant in synthetic biology

Andrew Goryachev, Professor of Computational Cell Biology and SynthSys PI has been awarded a prestigious BBSRC - US National Science Foundation Directorate of Biological Sciences (NSF/BIO) grant in synthetic biology.

Prof. Andrew Goryachev, School of Biological Sciences
Prof. Andrew Goryachev, School of Biological Sciences

A half-a-million pound award will fund the UK part of the collaboration with the US partner, Prof. W. Bement, University of Wisconsin-Madison, to work on the control of cellular pattern formation in the synthetically rewired frog oocytes.

This long-term collaboration had already attracted BBSRC-NSF/BIO funding during the earlier call 2016-2021. This new award is recognition of the success of the collaboration that established a new experimental paradigm of cytoskeletal pattern formation in cells of higher eukaryotes.


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