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Gold Medal for UoE-UHAS Ghana team

Congratulations to the joint UoE-UHAS Ghana team who have received a gold award in the 2022 iDEC competition for their project tackling water pollution in Ghana and beyond.

Their solution was to provide a way to remove their two major polutants: heavy metals and PET plastic.

The team created PETALUTION where heavy metal biosensors, a heavy metal sequestering bioremediation device through metallothionein-mediated binding, and an enzyme cocktail for PET biodegradation can provide ways to detect and remove pollutants from contaminated water.

The International Directed Evolution Competition (iDEC) is an international public welfare initiative dedicated to building a scientific community to facilitate education, technology sharing, and academic exchange.

The team is competing in this years’ iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) competition.

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